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Guide on the General Migration Skills Assessment Process in Australia 2020

Guide on the General Migration Skills Assessment Process in Australia 2020

Explain the application process? TheĀ skill assessment includes assessing the employment and qualification according to the nominated occupation. In the qualification assessment, the educational level is compared with the Australian Qualification Framework and then determining the qualification for the nominated occupation. Skilled occupation lists The Australian government can remove the occupation from the Regional occupation list, Medium & Long-term Strategic Skills List, and Short-term skilled occupation list without giving any notice. You need to ensure that the occupation you proposed is eligible when you apply to our migration agents. Keep in mind that our migration agents are going to assess the suitability in the right manner against the selected occupation. Temporary Graduate visa (Subclass 485) For the qualification, the work experience is not needed. In this case, the assessment is needed to support the temporary Graduate visa holders. You need to have the qualification which is needed at the educational level in the required field so that you can study the nominated occupation. After that, you can know more about the educational level by searching at the right kind of occupation. Once the visa holder has relevant work experience in the nominated occupation of the Subclass 485. After that, the visa holders need to apply for the Skill Assessment so that they can get support to apply for the application to migrate to Australia permanently. If the nominated occupation is the same as the subclass 485 then the applicant needs to submit the SRG29 Post-485 form along with the other forms in the track employment section. The only need is to assess that the employment you have selected is relevant and then the assessment will be completed. However, you can change the nominated occupation for the skill assessment application. In that case, you need to lodge the new application online and then the migration agent will assess the needed evidence to lodge for the new qualification, and then the assessment is completed. What are the steps?
  • Select the occupation for which you need to be assessed and then choose the visa purpose for which the assessment is needed. To make sure you go through the entire process correctly you should take the help of the migration agents.
  • To get more information on the occupation you have selected you can visit the government site and then enter the ANZSCO code for the occupation you have selected.
  • Our migration agent needs to refer to the nominated occupation so that they can get all the details regarding the assessment criteria for the selected occupation.
The agents will consider the relevance of the qualification and the employment to the occupation you have got nominated for. For the 485 visas the skill assessment is needed and this can be used for the permanent residency.
  • Then you need to login and apply for the assessment.

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