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Everything You must know about Form 956 Advice by a Migration Agent

Everything You must know about Form 956 Advice by a Migration Agent

Australia is one of the most beautiful destinations for Travellers and Skilled workers. As a result, there are numerable rules/ regulations passed to strong the Immigration process. Migration agents play a crucial role in enhancing the overall visa success rate. If an immigration agent delivers you wrong or incorrect information regarding immigration, then the Australian government gave a right to all civilians in terms of Form 956. If you face any type of difficulty in Australia, then you can seek help from professional Migration Agents in Brisbane as they know everything about Immigration & its rules.What do you mean by Immigration assistance?Typically, immigration assistance is the process that is used by an individual if he or she uses or claims to use his information and knowledge before, during and after the migration process to help those people who have their cases come under the Migration act 1958. Who are eligible to use this necessary Form?There is no doubt that this form is quite beneficial for an exempt person. This form can be used by:
  • An Authorised migration agent
  • An exempt person
Moreover, this form is also used to clarify the Department of Immigration of Australia or Home Affairs department:
  • You have been appointed by a visa applicant to deliver adequate immigration help under the Migration act in 1958. As a result, the appointed applicant has the right to collect the important documents & submit to the department on their behalf.
  • Your appointment has finished.
You do not have to use this form if you are already been appointed as an agent.Registered Immigration AgentsAn authorized immigration agent is a reliable individual who falls under the category of MARA i.e. Migration Agents Registration Authority or fulfils the overall criteria of the registration authority. He provides effective results in terms of Immigration assistance.Exempt PersonsPersons who have following criteria do not have to register themselves as a migration agent:
  • A close family member i.e. a spouse child or a parent.
  • A nominator for a visa application
  • A member of parliament
What are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Department?The DepartmentRoles of the Immigration department are as follows:
  • Demonstrate the client’s case with you.
  • Share written text messages or letters.
  • Always looking to extract information from your side.
It also provides better results by appointed individuals for further Immigration Assistance.Registered Migration AgentsResponsibilities of migration agents:Migration agents under a code of conduct must be:
  • Provide better information in terms of estimation fees and statement of service to your client.
  • Perform your duty with honesty and Integrity. You also deal with the department of home affairs on behalf of your client.
  • Perform each task carefully and come under the law.

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