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For Australian PR Use the Agriculture Visa As Pathways

For Australian PR Use the Agriculture Visa As Pathways

Australian PR Use the Agriculture Visa

The Australian Prime minister has overlooked the labor shortages in agriculture and decided to introduce the new agriculture visa in 2021. It will vanish the requirements of British backpackers working on farms even when they haven’t extended their stay in Australia. This change will lessen the seasonal workforce by 10,000 people. Also, as per the latest information on Australian vegetables and fruits, farmers are now n search of more than 26,000 for harvesting the crops.

With that change in rules and amendments in visa requirements, this agriculture visa is available for the people associated with fisheries, farming, meat processing, and forestry. With no restrictions there, the applicants get the regional settlement and open the pathway to permanent residency. It will fulfill the workforce shortages in the Seasonal Worker Program (SPW) and Pacific Labor Scheme (PLS).

Participating In Agriculture Visa Program

The visa program will be available with a phased approach with approved employers and a restricted amount of workers permitted to use the program in Phase 1. The details of the two phases as per the Government’s Fact sheets are here:
  • Phase 1 – Under this phase, agriculture workers can enter Australia between December 2021 and March 2022 with border requirements, country restrictions, and availability for quarantine. A small batch of workers is allowed under the phase and they are Approved Employers and have experience with the specific Area Labor Mobility (PALM) Scheme.
  • Phase 2 – From April 2022, the program is open to more employers. The worker’s count can be increased as per requirements and who can work and the participating country is expanded.

Skills And Sector Requirements Under the Scheme

This visa scheme supports the agricultural industries and so more recruitments will get done under the scheme for the fishery, meat processing, and forestry sectors. Particular occupations are available with the detailed program and available with consultation with the industry. The industry gives priority to the skilled, semi-skilled, and low-skilled workers for the sectors.

How Does Agriculture Visa work?

Those who have applied for the Agricultural visa will receive a visa granted for 3 years and are working when they are involved in the agricultural work for the maximum time when they are in Australia. It is available when they go to their home country for 3 months of every year.

Note – This visa is separate from the Seasonal Workers Program, so details are different for the visa. This visa is not required with the employer sponsor and that makes the visa program from the seasonal worker’s program. The visa allows travelers and makes them able to change employers once when they are in Australia. You can get this change when not getting paid or working conditions are not favorable or in the case earlier they found themselves groveling to their sponsor.

Is Agricultural Visa Grant Protection To the Visa Holders?

  • The workers in Australia have the same protections and rights regardless the visa status and citizenship. The applicant will indeed get paid and entitlements as set by law and get a safe workplace.
  • If you came from any country or nation; you will get the same rights and protections in Australia under the Australian Agriculture Visa.
  • The border force in Australia and the fair work Ombudsman play a vital role to make sure you have fulfilled the visa requirements and the workplace is lawfully perfect.
  • The protection laws are there to save workers from exploitation and thus prepared Australian Pacific Worker Programs.
  • The Australian Government is committed to a prepared national approach for labor-hire regulation and is working with state and territory governments to check for the opportunities for better state and territory schemes available for labor.

Scope For Your Career in Agriculture in Australia

The entire world is hit hard by the COVID and Australia, especially the agriculture industry has to see the hard. Today there is a huge requirement in the industry to fill the vacant positions. To fulfill the purpose, the Australian government has opened the positions for migrant workers. The dedicated farmers are granted visas to lighten the burden on the agribusiness. The industries facing the skill shortage get the migrants as skilled, semi-skilled, or less-skilled visas who wanted to work in Australia.


Australia is facing a shortage of skilled workers in the agriculture industry. To fill those empty places skilled migrants got the chance to enter Australia who wanted to work in the agriculture industry. Looking for the visa approval then can seek the specialist’s guidance with us. Education Embassy is the leading team of specialist visa consultants in Brisbane, Australia. Our expert team is updated with visa requirements and makes sure your application is error-free to get visa approval. For more information, you can call us today!

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