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What are the new Financial requirements for Student and Student Guardian Visa?

What are the new Financial requirements for Student and Student Guardian Visa?

Thousands of international students are struggling to migrate to Australia for higher studies. But they don’t know how to apply and which visa category is beneficial for them. In this case, you have to talk to migration agents in Brisbane, so that they can guide you properly about every visa type, which is beneficial for you. They may suggest you go with a student visa or student guardian visa.

Let’s try to understand both the Student visa and Student Guardian visa types.

Student visa

A student visa is designed for those international students who wish to study in Australia. This is a type of temporary visa, which will allow you to stay and work in Australia for at least 2-3 years. You have to crack the IELTS exam and must get 6 each band to get the Australia visa. You have to prove that you have sufficient financial funds to bear the accommodation cost and other expenses too.

Student Guardian visa

This visa is for parents and guardians to stay with their children in Australia. This visa allows you to stay here for at least 5 years with your children. For this, you have to fulfill the below-mentioned requirements-:

  • You have to prove that you are a parent, legal guardian, and relative.
  • You must be 21 or older.
  • You have to show that you have enough money to bear all the expenses.

So, these are the visa types under students who can apply to get a higher study in Australia. You may not know that Australian immigration makes certain changes in financial requirements.

Now, you have to show more funds to bear all the expenses and accommodation because of an increased consumer price index.

Financial requirement changes in student and student Guardian visa.

In the previous years, you have to show sufficient funds, so that you can take care of yourself in Australia. However, this year the government makes certain changes in the financial requirements. Now, you have to show a little more funds to prove that you are able to bear the cost of everything in Australia. These new changes in financial requirement includes-:

  • Primary Applicant Approx: $ 21,041
  • Secondary Applicant Approx – Spouse/De Facto Partner Approx: $ 7,362
  • Secondary Applicant – Dependent Child Approx: $ 3,152

There are certain other changes that you need to know and understand about student and student guardian visa. These are:

  • If you are applying from outside Australia-: $2000.
  • If you are applying from East or Southern Africa-: AUD$2500
  • If you are applying from West Africa-: AUD$3000
  • If you are applying in Australia-: AUD$1000

You can also get help from migration consultants too. They will guide you about everything and new changes also of Study visa.

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