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​Fees Structure and Charges for visitor Visa

​Fees Structure and Charges for visitor Visa


There have been different fees and the charges for the visit visas as well as it can vary from place to place. For the visitor visa you first of all as a fresher should consult the migration agents in Brisbane. While in some cases there is nothing in the visa application charge.

The visa application charge is payable in mainly two of the installments and they are as follows

  • The first installment is payable at the time when the visa application is made

  • The second installment is payable just before you are granted the visa

There have been many of the different situations in which if you are required to pay the second installment, they will notify you when it is due. And on the other hand, if your visa requires you to be sponsored or nominated then your sponsor or the respective nominator possibly might be needed to pay the particular amount of fees or some of the certain charges. It may also depend upon person to person and on the other hand if we discuss about all other charges then it includes the visa application charge instalments, base application charge, the additional applicant charge, non-internet application charge, subsequent temporary application charge, calculating the visa application charges, as well as some of the refunds, are available if there is any.

  • Base application charge

Every visa application has a base application charge and but in some of the cases it is true or we can say that this application type can include more than one applicant which is called as the combined application. The exemptions for the base application charge is nil and also some of the other components of the first installment are also nil. You and any additional applications are not required at all for this and the non-internet application charge or the subsequent temporary application charge is equally essential. 

  • Additional applicant charge

It must be paid for each of the additional visa applicants is charged in a combined visa application. For some visas, the additional application charge is nothing and the amount of additional charge. The additional applicant is the one who will be free from all the necessary charges and you shall not pay any of them for a particular reason. The total visa application charge of AUD3555 is paid. The example of when the additional applicant charge is paid then you get the specific application. The visa application charge is made up of three things in total and that is the base application, additional applicant charge and the additional applicant charge for different ages which may vary then.

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