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There are many benefits you can have when you hire a migration expert. Australia provides different visa options and there are around 140 subclasses. Our migration experts are going to help you go through a complex visa type with ease. They will make you understand the legal requirements and the time-frame to apply.
The DOHA processes Australian citizenship in around 24 months. There are different factors which can delay the time frame like: You need to submit all the necessary documents for the visa application when you lodge it. The department will check whether you have responded to all the additional requests and information required. How long does it need to verify the information you have given support for the application time for Australian citizenship.
If you are in Australia and there is the condition of ‘No further stay’ to your visa, then you need to leave Australia, or there are certain conditions waived. In case, there is no such condition, then you are allowed to apply to the Immigration department. Renewing the visa is no such thing, you can consider this as applying for a new application to check for eligibility and legal requirements. Ask the migration agent for a better understanding.
Under certain circumstances, if there is an issue with the application such as being refused, then the application can be reviewed by the AAT (Administrative Appeal Tribunal). With the review process, you get to submit an application again and give evidence to support the visa application. Our migration agents are going to help you give you correct information on how your chances of success can be increased.
Bridging visas are granted to allow you to remain in Australia while you are waiting to get the application processed or to give you unlawful status while you make arrangements to go to Australia.
Each visa type of Australia has a different pricing structure. The cost within some visa types is going to include the DOHA application charge, IELTS tests, Skill assessment application fee, police clearance certificate fee, medical examination, translation, and document certification charges along with professionals services fees.
A medical test is a standard procedure which you need to pass. Blood tests will be performed and X-rays of the chest are taken. For most visa types, health requirements need to be met according to the set criteria. Before the visa is granted, a full medical examination needs to be performed. If the medical tests fail, then the visa can be refused.
Permanent residence is the name given to a non-Australian citizen who has an Australian permanent visa. A permanent resident can work, live, and study without restriction in Australia permanently. You are not the holder of the Australian passport.
Yes, but you need to meet the requirements for the specific visa type you are going to apply for. With a visitor visa, you do not have to give residence in Australia for migration applicants who are waiting to know about the application results. Make sure to inform when you are temporarily in Australia as your application is being processed.
For the Australian skilled visa, the applicants need to score minimum points in the Points Test. Applying for the skilled migration is complex so you must contact the migration agent. They can help you proceed with the application correctly. Our team of migration agents will advise, prepare, and lodge the skilled visa application.
Australian citizenship is an important step in the migration. If you become an Australian citizen then it means you are making an ongoing commitment to Australia. With Australian citizenship, it is the start of formal membership in Australia. Australian government aims to encourage permanent residents of Australia to apply for citizenship as they become eligible. Applying for citizenship is going to depend on the personal situation. To find out about eligibility get in touch with our team.

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