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What are the different ways to get your evidence of Australian Citizenship?

What are the different ways to get your evidence of Australian Citizenship?

The migration agency has licensed representatives that will support you from hosting to the ceremony. You are the right one to trust, because you all know about new laws and regulations and will offer advice for you through the entire process.

If you are not aware of rules, you need to contact our migration agents in Brisbane. They will guide you properly about everything related to Citizenship certification.

When you decide to seek proof of Australian citizenship, short details are given here.

Eligibility: The first step to apply is to verify your eligibility. The qualifying requirements mean that you can request a verification of your citizenship in Australia whether you are a resident of Australia. If you want to apply for your children, and they are under 16, then you can simply apply on the behalf of you.

Documentation: In fact, to seek proof of citizenship, two types of documents are needed.

  • Identity Documents: Officials must be satisfied with identity before the application is approved. You need 3 documents that show your photograph and signature together, gender, date of birth, name of birth, and current address. A completed form 1195 – Declaration of Identification is needed for electronic statements and 1195 identification statement is included in the document in the case of paper submission.

  • Documentation supporting: The supporting paperwork needed to register must be structured based on whether an individual has become an Australian citizen.

Application: There are two kinds of applications.

  • Online: You can lodge an application for citizenship proof online in case you are in or outside of Australia. Scan and apply all required documents including the 1195 ID form.

  • Paper: A full submission form must be submitted to the email address along with the appropriate documentation, an image, and request charges. Unless you are eligible for an exception, the application fee is AUD 190.

Certificate: A citizen certificate will be printed and forwarded by registered post to the address provided after approval of the application.

Australian Citizenship Eligibility Criteria

To register for the citizenship of Australia-:

  • As a permanent resident, you must have been living for 12 months in Australia.

  • You have to prove that you have been living in Australia for 4 years as a legitimate resident before visa accommodation.

  • You should not have been away from Australia for over one year over the last 4 years and you should not have been away over Australia for over 90 days in the last 12 months of your term.

As we stated above, if you don’t have proper knowledge, then for a complete procedure you can take assistance from our migration agent. If you lose your Australian citizenship certificate, our officers will assist you in publishing it again and proof of Australian citizenship can be provided. You will pick up the 1195 Citizenship Application online or by utilizing a Licensed Migration agent Brisbane.

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