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Everything you should know about English test of partner visa application

Everything you should know about English test of partner visa application

Everyone dreams about visiting their favourite place but some are there who live their dream with open eyes. If you are one of those who are planning to shift to Australia with your partner, then hire a migration agent in Brisbane. Make sure your agent is registered as well as experienced which will help you in lodging the application. And of course, you will be knowing that the government has announced that partner visa applicants have to pass the English test if they want permanent residency. The government has passed this information through the latest budget 2020-2021.What is the Functional level of English?Under immigration law, functional English is a course designed by the government. Your score in the English test will be the evidence that you have undergone the test. The new amendment done by the government is not for the people who are applying for partner visa subclass 309 or 820 because they are provisional visas. It is applicable for the people who are applying under subclass 100 or 801. The second phase occurs 2 years after applying your partner visa application.The functional level of English is requiredYou will get partner visa applications in two phases such as temporary residence application and permanent residence application. The permanent residency application will be given to the couple when they will complete two years of staying in Australia. This rule is not for temporary residency application. They should also pass the test of English if they want permanent residents. The applicant as well as a sponsor should know the basic level of English language. If they don’t know English, then they should learn it by indulging themselves in attending 500 hours of English classes.Why is the Australian government taking such steps?The government is taking such steps to promote socially as well as economically. It will also help migrants to keep them safe from domestic abuse as well as work exploitation. Talking about English test, the prime minister said that we have implemented this will help the people only. It is more of a basic English test. It will also help people to attract the audience and help them to operate government services. It will also help people to take the advantage of what the country can give. It will also help them to know about their work rights and they will not face any type of problem in future.Stay updated with new amendmentsAt EDU, we inform people about the latest immigration changes through various social media platforms. You can follow us to get updated with all the necessary details as well come to know the latest information about the English language requirement.

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