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Everything you need to know about the New Australian citizenship test in Australia

Everything you need to know about the New Australian citizenship test in Australia

New Australian citizenship test in Australia The Acting Minister of Immigration, Migrant Services, Citizenship, and Multicultural Affairs Alan Trudge has confirmed that the new Australian citizenship will come out in November. It will have a set of new questions concerning Australian values. The Citizenship Minister has said that the update in the current Australian value statement will be made soon. It is something which temporary and permanent migrants are going to sign, and this also includes the citizenship applicants. If you are planning to apply for the visa or waiting to know about your visa application then get in touch with our migration agents in Brisbane. Focus on Australian Values
  • Last week, Minister Tudge addressed the changes to be made in the Australian citizenship test, and the new test main focus is on the ‘Australian values’. The Minister also confirmed that a new test will come in November, and the test will have a new book for the applicants to prepare for.
  • The test will include questions which are based on Australian values statement updates. The minister has also said that the changes are not radical. The changes are some of the important ones, and the language update is clear. We have made sure it is consistent and about the modern democratic system.
  • You will get to see the changes are not that huge. The changes are similar sentiments with just a slight change in language. By doing so, the language is clear, concise, and it will be easy to understand.
Everyone who comes to the country should sign it, and we want to give more emphasis on this. It is a great way to unite everyone as the changes are based on the core values. It will help people to educate themselves and deeply understand the entire process. Will it have an English language test component? Minister Toudge also announced that the government is overhauling the English language program for the migrants, and it allows them to work on English language skills. The number of hours is increased through the AMEP (Adult Migrant English Program). It means it provides the opportunity for the migrants to access more as compared to the standard 510 hours. In simple terms, the migrants can get access to English tuition for free and for a longer time. We want to help them to have a higher level of proficiency. The announcement also led to speculations that the English language test was considered as a part of citizenship processing. But, the Australian minister made it clear that there were no plans to include the citizenship test with the English language test. In simple words, it is ‘NO’. Also, the pandemic has changed the entire process of applying the applications. Currently, the average waiting period is around 25 months from the date you have applied.

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