Everything you need to know about General Skilled Migration in Australia

Everything you need to know about General Skilled Migration in Australia

General Skilled Migration The most common method of migrating in Australia is General Skilled Migration which helps to bring skilled and employable individuals to Australia. A GSM visa is issued to individuals who are having certain skills. The visa is for the individuals who are planning to get sponsorship for a skilled employer in Australia. With GSM, skilled professionals workers can use expertise, experience, and qualification to migrate and settle in Australia. To do this, the applicants need to go through the Skilled Select program which includes the process of submitting EOI (Expression of Interest) along with visa application. With the migration regulation 1994, Scheduled 6D and the general points test for Skilled Migration visas are subsumed. The 6D is for the Subclass 189: Skilled Independent visa, Subclass 489: SKilled regional sponsored visa, and Subclass 190: Skilled Nominated visa. What about the requirements of the point test? The Skill Select System is based on points that are given to the applicants based on specific criteria. To get the visa, the applicants need to have a minimum score of 60 points. Given below is the detailed information about points:
  • Nominated occupation
Applying for the general skilled migration program, the applicants have to nominate the occupation which is mentioned on the SOL or CSOL which depends on the visa type. Applicants also need to get their skills assessed from the relevant authority
  • Age

Applicant’s age at the time of invitation

Number of points?

18 to 24 25
25 to 32 30
 33 to 49 25
40 to 44 15
45 to 49 0
  • English Language Proficiency
The English test results should not be older than 3 years on the day visa application was made. Proving the English competency is an important part of getting the visa which is checked through tests like IELTS.
  • Skilled Employment

 Number of years in skilled employment outside Australia (in the last ten years)

Total Points

3 years 5
5 years 10
8 years 15
  • Educational Qualifications


Total Points

 Doctorate 20 points
 Bachelor’s or Master’s degree 15 points
 Australian Diploma or trade qualification 10 points
 Award or qualification recognized by assessing authority 10 points
  • Australian Qualifications:
Any degree, diploma, or trade qualification earned in Australia following 2 years of study gives the applicant around 5 points.
  • Regional Study
If the applicant has a diploma, degree, or trade qualification after doing 2 years of study in regional Australia then they get around 5 points.
  • Community Language Skills
The applicant gains 5 points if there is a translator or interpreter level of language skills in any of Australia’s designated community languages. The skills have to be recognized by the NAATI.
  • Professional Year Program
Applicants who have done their professional year in Australia which is approved in the last 4 years then they get 5 points. The professional years must be given by the closely related occupation or nominated occupation.

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