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Everything you need to know about bridging your family to Australia

Everything you need to know about bridging your family to Australia

In thai article we are going to discuss the various types of family visas along with their requirement to bring your family to Australia:Partner VisasPermanent residents or citizens of Australia and those who are in relationship with overseas partners can bring their partner to Australia. This can be done through a prospective marriage visa or a partner visa.If you are planning to get married in Australia, then you can bring your partner with a prospective marriage visa before you get married actually. In case, you are already married or in a De Facto relationship, then the non-Australian partner can be eligible to apply for the partner visa to stay in Australia. To get more information, you should get in touch with the best migration agents in Brisbane.

Parent Visas

You can also sponsor your parents to live in Australia on a permanent and temporary basis. To get your parents to Australia, they first need to meet the Balance of family test which means 50 percent or more of your children should be settled in Australian on the permanent visa.It means if your parents have 4 children then at least 2 of them needs to be permanent visa holders. Given below are the 2 streams of the parent visa which includes:
  • Aged Parent visa
  • Contributory Parent visa
The aged parent visa is cheap but the processing time can take around 30 years. The contributory parent visa is another choice which takes around 18 to 24 months. This option is expensive with filing fees. To get a better understanding about the fees and which option is best for you should take help from the migration agents.If the parent has a health issue before the visa is granted then it can result in a burden on the Australian economy and they might not be given the visa.

Child Visas

If the applicant has the PR of Australia and now you want to bring your child then this will be done under the child visa program. The child can be present in Australia to apply for the visa or outside Australia with the visa of Subclass 101.It is best to get legal advice before you lodge for the visa application. On average, this visa option will take around 3 to 14 months for the processing.Another situation is applying for the child visa for the newborn who was born after the permanent visa was granted. In that case, you need to lodge an application so that your child is given the Australian permanent visa.If you want to adopt a child who is under the age of 18, you can do this with an Adoption visa (Subclass 102). The child you wish to adopt should be single. Keep in mind, these visa options are not easy to get. If you do not have the permanent visa, there are other visa options which you can try.

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