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Everything you need to know about Australian Immigration Budget 2020-21

Everything you need to know about Australian Immigration Budget 2020-21

Education Embassy: If you are looking to get the information regarding the Australian Immigration budget 2020-21 then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about the budget in detail. Also hiring a migration agent in Brisbane will also help you in updating about immigration programmes. Prime Minister Scott Morrison shared a piece of information that in 160,000 places with business, family and employer visas will be given priority. The program is made to attract highly qualified migrants from around the globe. They will invite people with the help of the Global Talent Independent program. It will be allocated in 15,000 places and helps in improving the business innovation and investment program to 13,500 places. The BIIP main motive is to target the people to come to Australia and they will help in economic recovery by opening small, medium, large scale businesses in the country. Family and Partner Visa Changes
  • Places for Family stream planing- 77300
  • Family stream including Partner category- 72,300
  • If you are applying for a partner visa then the English language is mandatory. Same for the people who are thinking of applying for a permanent resident visa. The government is doing this because they want social, economic participation from the people will help the government in improving the growth of the economy.
  • The sponsor of partner visa applicants who lives in regional areas will also be given priority in the new immigration program.
  • The Australian government is going to focus the family sponsorship framework to partner visas.
Visa Application Charge (VAC) Refunds
  • The people who can access a VAC refund are mentioned below:
  • Pacific labour
  • Seasonal Worker Programme
  • Prospective Marriage
  • The people who are having visitors visa holders and temporary skilled workers are permitted to have VAC and they can also return to the country after the opening of Australian borders
  • Working holidaymakers are also permitted to have VAC and come back to the country after the opening of the border.
Investment and Business Visa Changes The government will improve the operation of BIIP i.e. business innovation and investment program from July 1 2021. This is happening to improve the quality of applicants and investments. From 1 July 2021, the BIIP charges will also be increased by 11.3 %. Benefits of hiring migration agent
  • He will make sure you are filling the details properly.
  • He will double-check the information.
  • He will handle the department of home affairs on your behalf.
  • His experience and qualification will help you in handling all the uninvited problems.
  • It will ease your work and save your time.

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