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Everything about QLD Opens Interim Nomination Program for 1 Week in Australia

Everything about QLD Opens Interim Nomination Program for 1 Week in Australia

Australia is famous for its migration policy that benefits every individual in a great manner. With time, the Australian government is making the necessary changes so that migrants can get the opportunity to make their future better. To make sure you apply for the visa correctly and you get it on time, hire our migration agents in Brisbane. In this blog, we are going to make you understand the QLD Opens Interim Nomination Program for 1 Week

QLD Opens Interim Nomination Program
The federal budget came on Tuesday i.e. 6th October and the state is slowly releasing the nomination allocations. Queensland opened the interim program slots which have a limited time of one week from 29th September till 5th October 2020.

What occupations are on the interim list and how can you be benefited from it?
It contains skilled visa and business visa, occupations on the Priority Migration Skilled occupation list are eligible for the interim program. Consulting the migration agent is going to make it easier to apply for the visa and you will be able to get it on time.

Important consideration
If you consider this program then it has limited nomination allocation and the processing time is limited. The new EOIs (Expression of Interest) are going to be considered. In case, you are someone with an invite then you should lodge for the decision-ready application. Most importantly all the supporting documents should be submitted within one day of getting the invitation.

Who can apply for the program?
Business program (for onshore and offshore applicants):
● Applications of high-quality related to COVID-19 recovery
● Businesses who have the focus on doing something productive or create jobs.
● Within the business program, there should be a regional investment.

Which visa option can get priority processing?
● 132 – Significant Business History stream
● 188 – Streams include Significant Investor, Business Innovation, and Entrepreneur

Skilled program (onshore applicants only)
● Occupations in the medical services or
● Giving services in sectors which need Australia’s economic recovery
● Maintaining essential goods and services supply.

Visas to receive priority processing
● Subclass 491
Small business owner pathway and applicants who’ve worked in their nominated occupation in regional QLD for at least 3 months and they should have a job offer for 12 months
● Subclass 190
It is for the applicants who are working in QLD nominated occupation for around 6 months and they should have the job offer of 1 year.
Once you have a lodge for the EOI, you need to send the email which tells you how the requirements will be met.

Contact the migration agent
Migration agents are known for assisting you to apply for any visa type with correct documents and that too on time. They make it easier for you to learn which visa type is beneficial for you.
Our migration agent will guide you in detail on what needs to be done so that it makes it easier for you to get the visa on time.

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