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Everything about Australian e600 Visitor Visa

Everything about Australian e600 Visitor Visa

Australian e600 visitor visa is for the people from different countries to travel in Australia for a long time which is not possible with the ETA eligibility. During their stay the applicant needs to keep in mind certain things related to their stay and what they can do. This guide will give you detailed information about this visa.

Australian e600 Visitor Visa

The subclass 600: Australian e600 Visitor Visa is designed for people who wish to travel Australia for 3 months or who are not in the ETA eligible country list.  With the subclass the applicant can:
  • Stay in Australia for one year or less, according to the need of the visit and personal circumstances.
  • The subclass 600 allows single or multiple entries to Australia.

How is the Subclass 600 different from ETA?

The subclass 600 (visitor visa) is different from ETA as it is not instantly processed. Additionally, it is available in different countries for around 12 months. On the other hand, with ETA there is a limitation of around 3 months. Just make sure to take help of the immigration lawyer as they understand every visa type properly and guide you better on what you can do to get the visa on time.

How much time does the visitor visa take to process?

The subclass 600: visitor visa takes around 20 days from the date you have applied for it. In addition, there is a need for documentation to complete the visa application which can increase the processing time. In certain circumstances, the visa bureau can process the Subclass 651: eVisitor visa. But, this does not mean the cost will be nullified for the visitor visa: subclass 600.

Which countries are eligible to apply for the visa?

Well, the eligible countries are more as compared to the ETA. But, yes there is a need for the current and valid passport so that you can qualify for it without any problem. To know more about the eligibility contact our immigration agent.

What are the visa conditions?

Visitors who are staying in Australia need to abide by all the rules and regulations while they are staying there. In case if you do not, then your visa will be cancelled and you will be subjected to other penalties. Visitor visa holders need to follow the rules which includes:
  • Work is not allowed in Australia; Note: Voluntary work may be allowed.
  • Do not opt for a course for more than three months while in Australia; Note:  You need to pass a health examination if you want to study for more than 4 weeks in Australia before the course starts.
  • With the ‘No further stay’ visa condition you will not be granted any other visa during your stay in Australia.
  • Do not stay more than the validity of the visa.

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