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Employer Sponsored Australian Visa: Live & Work in Australia

Employer Sponsored Australian Visa: Live & Work in Australia

There are three primary employer-sponsored visas you can choose from. Each visa category asks for a  different set of requirements .The information is available readily with the Migration agents Brisbane.  The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa is available for people who are engaged in the occupation listed in the CSOL(Consolidated Skilled Occupations List). According to VISA Consultant in Brisbane, the visa is the right category if you want to enter Australia as a skilled employee. It is a sure way of living and getting employment in the country. An Australian or any overseas business can use this visa to sponsor staff members from other countries. If you apply under such a category, its success depends entirely on the employer’s sponsorship. This type of visa is growing in popularity as the Australian government and business houses have realized the importance of employing foreign nationals to fill up the local vacancies. Visa system

Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS)

The visa applies to only well established and legally operational business houses. This visa provides an opportunity for businesses who wish to employ the services of foreign nationals. The businesses who wish to sponsor such candidates must show that they are legally trading in Australia and want to sponsor international applicants. They also need to show that they have enough resources to train and employ foreign applicants. A business which is looking for expansions in Australia or the ones who have entered into a contract with the country can apply for overseas business SBS. The applications are carefully scrutinized by the Australian immigration authorities. The applicant will get this visa only if he gets sponsored by a business house.


Employers can select skilled employees that seem suitable for the vacant positions. These nominated roles have to fulfil minimum criteria as far as salary and level of skill are concerned. After the selection of the role, The Department of Immigration evaluates the nomination according to the criteria specified. If the nomination meets the criteria, there are high chances of getting permission. For the process to succeed, it is crucially significant that the applications be presented in a well-prepared and a fully completed manner.

Visa application

During the application process, the employee is required to show that he or she possesses the requisite skills, experience, and qualifications related to the nominated role. The visas are processed relatively fast; therefore, it is one of the most popular visa categories.

Legislative Instruments

The Australian immigration department believes in maintaining the flexibility of the visa program. Therefore, some aspects may be changed from time to time.The aspects of the program which are liable to change are included under the legislative instrument.

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