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Eligibility to apply for Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa – 870 Australia

Eligibility to apply for Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa – 870 Australia

You will be delighted to know that a new parent visa subclass (870) has been opened for applications on 17 April 2019. It pertains to applying for permission to let your parents stay with you if you are an Australian resident or citizen. Permanent citizens of Australia can file for a contributory parent visa. The eligibility conditions are that the parents should be above 65.5 years and 50 % of the parent’s children must be Australian residents or citizens.It involves depositing an amount of AUD$ 43,600 per migrating parent. The payment can be done in full at one time or split into two instalments. The amount is requested after the parents have cleared the police and health checks. The visa processing takes 48 months. After the visa is granted, the parents become permanent residents of Australia. Approach Migration agents Brisbane if you intend to file this visa.


According to VISA Consultant In Brisbane, if one of the parents is over 65.5 years, they can enter Australia on a visa which allows them to apply for a parent visa onshore (a visitor or tourist visa without “No Further Stay” condition). It requires another condition to be met-‘balance of family’ test, which means 50% of the parents’ children are permanent residents or citizens of Australia.


It is a visa related to aged parents. It takes a painfully long time for processing. It takes around 25 years for processing. The good part is that the parents can live in Australia until the decision is made. Such parents hold Bridging Visa A and need to apply for Bridging Visa B is they want to depart Australia on a temporary basis.


Parents above 65.5 years can apply for a contributory parent visa whilst onshore on a valid visa. This visa involves making a non-refundable deposit to the Australian government of AUD$43,600 per migrating parent. This visa is processed in about 2 years’ time. The contributory amounts are required to be deposited after the parents have passed the health and police checks. Once the visa is granted, the parents become a permanent resident of Australia.


On 17 April 2019, applications for a new parent visa subclass (870) were invited. This visa allows parents to reside in Australia for 3 to 5 years without departing from Australia. This visa category does not require the parent to meet the   Balance of Family rule. The parent must have a biological, stepchild or adoptive child who holds an Australian or New Zealand citizenship. Another requirement is that the child must prove that they have been living in Australia for four years. For being able to lodge the 870 visas, the child must be an approved sponsor. The child who is sponsoring will be required to clear the police checks and show his minimum household income.

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