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Documents Required for Getting Family Visa Australia

Documents Required for Getting Family Visa Australia

Every Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Resident, or qualified New Zealand citizen, can ask for a family visa to enter Australia. Australian Government highlights the people of Australia and how they can live with their family members or dependents in Australia.

The government has presented the family migration scheme and as per that Australian citizens can sponsor their family members who are eligible individuals, or dependent children, sponsor their parents and call their relatives to come and stay with them in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis. The family visa in Australia gives coverage to relatives, family persons, siblings, and parents who came under the immediate family unit. 

In some special situations, a sponsor has to provide the financial conditions to sustain the family member in Australia for the next two years after their arrival. For some special cases, a sponsor has to submit the Assurance of Support (AoS), including the ten-year bond payment. So, you can apply for a family visa in Australia, if you want to bring your family to Australia. Before going to that you need to know that there are different family visa categories and you can call your family member for a Parent visa, Partner visa, child visa, etc.


List Of Documents Required for Getting A Family Visa

Documents play a vital role when you are seeking a family visa. Make sure you must be prepared with anticipated family migration to Australia for Parent Visa Subclass 103, 143, 173 and temporary Parent Visa 870 or a last remaining relative visa 115/835. Collect the list of translated and authenticated documents including:

How You Can Apply for An Australian PR Visa?

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