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Do you have permanent residency in Australia and want to apply for Australian Citizenship?

Do you have permanent residency in Australia and want to apply for Australian Citizenship?

If you have successfully completed the visa procedure legally with the guidance of migration agents in Brisbane to Australia, you will take the next move to become Australian nationals or citizens. You will settle down in one of our great societies. The Department of immigration and border protection is designed to work on applications for Australian citizenship. 

You would have to meet with the following conditions as you move to Australia to qualify for Australian citizenship:

  • During the point of registration and judgment, be a permanent resident of Australia.

  • Satisfy the criteria for residency

  • Although prove that you have a good character.

  • Provide a Proof of English language proficiency.

  • reside or establish a close and continuing relationship with Australia

  • provided a good knowledge of Australian citizenship obligations and privileges.

To apply for Citizenship In Australia, you need to submit below-mentioned documents-:

  • A valid passport

  • Your recent photograph as well as signature.

  • Current residential address

  • You have to provide proof if you have changed your name or address.

  • Documents of birth name, date of birth, and gender as well.

  • Submit the photograph that is signed by higher authorities and Identity declaration.

In fact, candidates may have to obtain a certificate of moral consistency from outside the country or an international police test for good conduct from each nation visited. After you have reviewed your application for Australian citizenship and if the result is satisfactory, you are invited to an appointment for citizenship where either you will sit a citizenship examination, or you will have an interview.

To assess the applicant, the citizenship test is held:

  • Simple or basic English language awareness

  • Good knowledge of Australia and of the citizenship obligations and privileges

  • Knowing the application’s essence.

Unless the commitment is not rendered within one year, the citizenship status would be revoked. You should be an Australian resident after you have signed the pledge and earned the residency certificate. To get detailed information on the citizenship ceremony, you need to get assistance from our best migration consultants. Do not rush to submit the application of Australian citizenship without complete knowledge.

Choosing the best consultant to apply for Australian Citizenship, will assist you properly so that you cannot face any type of problem during the process.

We are dealing with certain types of services that are mentioned below.

  • Student visa

  • Work visa

  • Family visa

  • Work holiday visa

  • Skilled visa

  • Business investor visa

  • Visitor visa

  • Guidance on an application submission for citizenship.

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