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What Is the Difference Between a Migration Lawyer and a Migration Agent

What Is the Difference Between a Migration Lawyer and a Migration Agent

When you want to migrate to Australia, then there are many pathways. You can go for the various visas open for prospective migrants and apply for the suitable one. You have to lodge an application in that case and possibly require the advice of an expert because there are many pieces of legislation according to immigration and migration and in absence of the proper knowledge, the process will tire. An expert’s help in that way can leave you with options including an Immigration lawyer or Registered Migration Agent. Many people have the thought that these two are the same, but surprisingly there is a difference between the roles of the two. Here given is the list of the differences so that you can better make a decision that from two, whom you wanted to seek help from.


Lawyers have to study for at least 3 years at university to get their legal degree, but a non-lawyer migration agent has to get the certificate after studying for 6 months, and then they can apply to be a registered migration agent.

Experience And Training

The legal training of a lawyer is not restricted to knowing about immigration law, but along with that they are trained for analyzing, interpreting, and apply for the Australian legislation and case law. The immigration laws in Australia are exceedingly complex and are updated constantly. Lawyers are well-trained to handle legislation and case law, which makes them able to provide the best solutions and options to their clients. Such experience and training are absent in a registered migration agent.


Migration lawyers have their university degrees and along with that, they are also subjected to practical work under the guidance of an experienced lawyer for legal work. After registration, a non-lawyer Migration agent need not work under any supervised lawyer or legal person for offering immigration advice or services to the clients.


Migration lawyers have skills for being ready for legal submissions, resolving issues for proof and evidence, and get done with preparations for the client’s case application. The more a lawyer is experienced, the better chances there to get the potential success. Migration lawyers knew the visa criteria for granting visas and so compared to migration agents, there are more chances to have appropriate documentation.

Legal Advice

If you need immigration assistance, then you can go for the non-lawyer migration agent, but if the requirement is to have legal advice, then go for the migration lawyer as they will have experience with the legal implications according to the client’s circumstances. Immigrations issues usually needed experience in family law, employment law, tax law, property law, criminal law, and commercial law, etc., and being non-law background, no agent will be able to offer you the right guidance.Both migration agent and migration lawyer have their own set of qualifications, work role, and job responsibilities and they are efficient in doing their task, but it is the decision of you to choose the one according to your personal requirements. Above mentioned points can guide you to finalize your decision.Education embassy is a leading migration agents in Brisbane. We are working with a team of specialized agents to make sure work according to the client’s expectations. We are well aware of the Australian Immigrations laws and keep us updated so that no clients have to bear any inconvenience or problem at the time of asking for a visa. We are serving the clients with our 12 years of experience and blessed to have positive feedbacks from happy clients.

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