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Is it true that the Department of Home Affairs can revoke my Australian Permanent Residency?

Is it true that the Department of Home Affairs can revoke my Australian Permanent Residency?

Education Embassy Brisbane: Yes, it is too difficult to get a Permanent residency in Australia. To get PR in Australia, you have to fulfill several requirements, only then you will be able to apply for PR. Well, millions of people are struggling to get Australian PR, because they do not know what to do to fulfill the requirements. For this, they need to get help from migration agents in Brisbane, they will help you to gather the documents and to fulfill the requirements.

Moreover, once you are done with the whole process, then you need to wait for some time for email. Once you receive an email of PR from the Department of Home Affairs, you may feel good, especially if you are living in Australia on a temporary visa. Unfortunately, this is not the case, because Australia is too well-known for too much inquiry. Many people ask us how it is possible after getting a letter from the Department of Home Affairs. 

What are Mandatory Visa Cancellations?

In 2014, Australia’s governing Liberal-National Party coalition designed mandatory visa cancellations for those persons who received almost 1 year of imprisonment. If the department finds you criminal, then they may also depot you from Australia. No matter, whether you are a permanent resident of this country or not.

According to law, if someone receives 12 months of imprisonment or he face character cancellation, then he has to leave the country. The Government gives him an informing letter of visa cancellation. Additionally, The Department of Home Affairs also gives a person only 27 to 28 days, so that he can apply for revocation if he wants.

You may not believe that almost 800 people get a visa cancellation letter in 2018 from the department of home affairs. In 2013, the government has canceled more than 4150, and almost seven times higher than these numbers in the last five years.

What to do if you get a visa cancellation letter?

Once you receive a visa cancellation letter from the department of home affairs, you need to get an instant decision whether you are eligible to apply or not. As there is only 28 days time limit to apply for revocation. If you or your anyone known person is facing the problem of this visa cancellation problem, then you can Putt legal. This is a type of criminal and migration law in Western Australia. You have to email the below-mentioned information.

  • Any notifications from the Department of Home Affairs

  • Visa Cancellation Notice

  • Length of time in Australia

  • Passport Bio

  • Anything you feel relates to the matter

  • Family information include parents, partner, and children too.

  • Police Certificate or Criminal History

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