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Here are a few crucial tips that you need to follow while working with your Migration Agent

Here are a few crucial tips that you need to follow while working with your Migration Agent

You and the consultant have established a working partnership now that you employed a migration agent to arrange and apply your visa application. Migration agents in Brisbane have a great deal of knowledge about every visa option and its requirements. So, you have to create a great bond with him to reduce the chances of refusal and rejection.

Here are tips on how to handle this connection to ensure your visa application is through.

Ask the migration agent to explain the method

Tell the agent at the outset of the agreement how the visa procedure should work and what the procedures, timescales, and deadlines between you and the agent are. Your agent would typically give you at this stage a rundown of all the details and paperwork required to plan and file the application. You must inform the agent in a timely manner of all these documents and information. When they are all delivered or submitted at a moment, that is easier. The most crucial thing you will do to assist your agent and application is to submit these records and details effectively and in good time.

Be honest

Do not provide inaccurate or deceptive records or facts to your agent about your application. It is a crime and it may be devastating for you and your family. When you discover your lie, your request will be rejected and you may be out of the country. By giving misleading knowledge, an employee can be disqualified and imprisoned. 

Don’t wait until the last moment

You will jeopardize (put your case in risk) the case if you apply the required application before the deadline of the visa submission. Errors may be made if hurried. And neither yourself nor the agent can handle unforeseen events. For eg, the e-mail server of the agent could unexpectedly go offline or, for updates, the immigration website might shut down. Know when the Department and your agency will be closed, also on public holidays. Your application deadline can not be missed.

Hold a report in writing

The key correspondence with you and the agent will be registered so that you have a written record to review and recall even whether you disagree with the agent in some way. He’s not going to defend you. Read the agent’s letter carefully and get a fluent English speaker to track the correspondence of the agent if English is not your first language.

Your agent needs to keep you updated about every information.

If there are amendments to the Australian immigration law or regulation which may affect your submission, your migration agents will inform you of the situation. Please be mindful that your visa is essential to agents. For instance, two weeks prior to your visa application date, submit an Email questionnaire. And please make sure you pay all fees on time.

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