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Do you want to know about courses that can help you get PR in Australia?

Do you want to know about courses that can help you get PR in Australia?

Education Embassy Brisbane: These days, several international students migrate to Australia for higher studies, because of the best education system and the environment too. If you are also struggling to get a student visa, then you must get help from Migration agents in Brisbane. Only they can give you the right information about student visas as well as course to choose according to your previous study.

It is necessary to get knowledge of everything in advance so that you can simply get PR options in Australia after the completion of your studyWell, there are three categories under which you can apply for a permanent residency in Australia. These are:

You can apply under these categories according to eligibility criteria. Additionally, every category has different eligibility criteria and other requirements too. To get PR in Australia, you have to meet the requirements of the point test. You may need 70 points to lodge an application for Permanent residency.

Certain points about courses, which may help you to get PR

  • First of all, you have to meet the Australian Study Requirements which means you need to study for at least 2 years.

  • You must apply for a visa within 6 months after completion of the study.

  • If you are choosing occupation from ANZSCO, then you must check the occupation list first. As every occupation requires a different course.

Here is a list of courses and respective jobs, which are beneficial to get PR easily.


Australia is inviting several engineers from overseas, because of a shortage of engineers.

Agriculture and horticulture occupations

If you choose this course, then you will be able to get an Agricultural consultant job.

Automotive trades

After completion of your course, you will be able to follow occupations-:

  • Panelbeater

  • Motor mechanic

  • Automotive Electrician

Building professions, and architecture and building technicians

Occupations are-:

  • Surveyor

  • Architect

  • Construction project manager.

Child care occupations

You can simply get a job as a child care center manager.

Construction trades

  • bricklayer and stonemason

  • cabinetmaker

  • carpenter and joiner

  • fibrous plasterer

  • glazier

  • painting trade worker

  • plumber

  • solid plasterer

  • wall and floor tiler

Health and social assistance occupations

You can get Permanent residency if you are doing a job in below-mentioned occupations-:

  • audiologist

  • medical diagnostic radiographer

  • medical laboratory scientist

  • medical radiation therapist

  • occupational therapist

  • optometrist

  • physiotherapist

  • sonographer

  • Social worker

  • Midwife

  • registered nurse

Engineering professions

  • civil engineering professionals

  • civil engineering draftsperson and technician

  • electrical engineer

  • mechanical engineer


You can also get Permanent residency if you are in the below-mentioned profession.

  • early childhood teacher

  • secondary school teacher

  • special education teachers

Several other courses are-:

  • Electrotechnology and telecommunications technicians and trades

  • Engineering trades

  • Food trades

  • ICT Business and systems analysts

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