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What is the total cost of hiring the skilled and registered migration agent?

What is the total cost of hiring the skilled and registered migration agent?

When someone plans to apply for the visa it is important to choose the best Migration Agents in Brisbane. But, people often wonder how much it will cost them. Well, the fees of the migration agent vary as much as 6 times. On a legal scale, there are no set rules on how much they can charge. However, under section 5 “Fees and Charges” of registered migration consultant the document mentions:A Registered migration agent must set and charge a reasonable fee according to the certain circumstance.”

What about the Initial Consultation fees?

With the initial meeting with the VISA consultant in Brisbane, you will get to decide about the fees. When you hire the experienced and professional agent they will give you a free half n hour consultation.Others who charge will give you in writing how much they will charge and they agree to give back the fees if you choose them for help. If you do not then you need to pay on whatever you agreed upon. According to your case complexity and the information you provide the initial consultation will help you find out:
  • Which is the best visa type for you?
  • How much time is required for preparation?
  • Total cost.
Make sure you bring all your documents and tell them all the information without hesitating. The applicant will get the maximum advantage only when you give all the information needed.Factors which Influence Agent FeesWell, there are various factors that influence the fees charged by the Registered migration consultant. Some of the common factors are:
  • Visa type
Temporary visas such as tourist, visitor, bridging, or holiday visa are easier to apply and less time is needed for its preparation. Permanent visas such as skilled visa or partner visa need proper documentation so preparation time is more.
  • Hourly rate Vs Bill by service
There are 2 ways in which the agent can charge the customer and they will choose the option as per their business type. With an hourly rate format, the agent will give you detailed information. In case of the bill by service, the agent will charge in the package for the entire service. No matter which is the service the migration agent will give you the estimated service.
  • Experience
Experience plays an important role and comes along with a price. The experienced migration agent will charge you higher.
  • Company Size
Well, this is linked with whom you select to represent the case. If the company you choose in on a higher scale then the fees will automatically be higher as compared to smaller companies.
  • Qualification
Some of the RMAs are immigration lawyers and due to their legal expertise, the cost will be higher in comparison to RMAs. If you want to know more then connect us to make an informed decision.

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