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Explain here all the new Consequential Amendments Bill 2019 of Skilled Regional Visas in Australia?

Explain here all the new Consequential Amendments Bill 2019 of Skilled Regional Visas in Australia?

Australia is a beautiful continent, that is located between the sea. Millions of people visit this country in order to explore new places and their beauty attracts them so much. If you are also planning to go to Australia in the holidays, then you must visit the migration agent. Since he has a great deal of knowledge about every visa type and also guides you properly about requirements and conditions related to every visa type. This is valuable to move to Australia to explore new things in this country.

Well, you may not know that you need a valid visa in order to migrate to Australia, otherwise, you will be unable to get a visa. 

For this, you must visit our Migration agents in Brisbane, because they have a great deal of knowledge about every visa type. They will also guide you about a skilled regional visa and regional visa in Australia as well.

Additionally, if you choose the best migration agent, then he will surely give you detailed information about visa options and amendments in certain visa types. Well, recently all the amendments are made in skilled regional visas Subclass 491 and 494.

well, the main benefit of these amendments is that visa holders who have this visa are also eligible to access to welfare payments and government services similarly as permanent residents. This means you will easily get a permanent residency in Australia.

Now let’s have a look at Consequential Amendments in the Skilled Regional Visas. These include:

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013
  • Social Security Act 1991
  • A New Tax System (Family Assistance) Act 1999
  • Higher Education Support Act 2003
  • Disability Services Act 1986
  • Paid Parental Leave Act 2010
  • Fair Entitlements Guarantee Act 2012

These all the amendments offer you a chance to get PR in Australia. Well, you may not know that both visa types are designed for those who want to work and live in South Australia and some other regional areas.

If you are still in doubt, then you must get help from migration agents, because they have proper knowledge and experience in this field. They will surely tell you about everything related to a skilled regional visa so that you can get the visa easily.

Thee both subclasses allow you to work and live in Australia for 3 years, in the meantime, you have to show the valid experience so that you can simply get the permanent residency of Australia.

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