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Checklist for Refusal or Cancellation of the Australian Visa

Checklist for Refusal or Cancellation of the Australian Visa

Education Embassy Brisbane: You probably won’t be qualified to apply for some Australian visas if your past visa application was refused or dropped. According to your circumstance, you may be qualified to apply for certain visas. You should even now meet all visa qualification criteria to be allowed one of those visas. In case you have any doubts or concerns then you should talk to our Migration agents in Brisbane. They will give you detailed information on what needs to be done and what all you need to keep in mind.What if you do not have a substantive visa due to visa refusal or cancellation?There are a certain number of visas you can apply if the applicant does not have the substantive visa and it includes:
  • The visa was refused except the Bridging visa or due to character issue, on or after 1 September 1994 and since you last entered Australia.
  • The applicant holds the visa that was canceled on or after 1 September 1994.
  • Entry permit was refused and became an illegal entry before 1 September 1994 and you did not leave Australia.
The visa options you can apply for includes:
  • Partner (temporary) and Partner (temporary) since you last entered Australia. The partner (residence) visa did not get refused.
  • Partner (residence)
  • Child (residence)
  • Territorial asylum (residence)
  • Protection (learn about the refusal of a Protection visa from the migration agent.)
  • Medical treatment (visitor), your age should be 50 or older. The visa got refused on the residence visa on health grounds.
  • Border (temporary). In immigration clearance, only non-citizens are included and they can apply for this visa. The visa needs to be applied before they leave the airport or they arrive at the Australian seaport.
  • Special category (temporary), New Zealand citizens only
  • Bridging A
  • Bridging B
  • Bridging C
  • Bridging D
  • Bridging E
Visa got dropped or refused due to the character issuesThe visa options you choose are affecting the results because the visa got refused or denied. Since the time you did not prove that you have a good character in Australia, you cannot apply for the visa. In that case, the best option is to apply for the Protection visaCriminal Justice Entry visasOn the off chance that you have a Criminal Justice Entry visa, or you were in Australia after the division of home issues Criminal Justice Entry visa got dropped, the main visa you can apply for is a Protection visa.Security visa got deniedYou cannot apply for the Protection visa again since you entered Australia the last time, and the Protection visa got rejected. You can apply for another Protection visa if the Minister concludes that you can apply for the further application.

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