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Changes made to the student visa arrangements because of COVID-19

Changes made to the student visa arrangements because of COVID-19

The outbreak of Coronavirus has affected the whole world, whether it is financially, physically or mentally. The economy of the entire world has gone down together for the first time in existence. The main cause of lower economy is the travel ban, be it business travel, travelling for fun or travelling for study. Every country has closed its border. International students contribute majorly in Australia‚Äôs economy Which is $40 billion per year. All of the students were worried about their eligibility for the study visa and the travel restrictions. This will help both the students and the country because only international students provide more than 250,000 jobs and future Australian citizens. This article will explain those 5 major changes briefly explained by Migration Agents in Brisbane. The five major changes announced by the government are:- The government will recommence granting of student visa offshore means outside the country: It means now visas will be provided in the country of the applicant, from the location where the file was lodged. This will save time for the visa officers in australia and will make the process easy and fast. The students will only have to make only travel arrangements and arrangements of the stay. No charge on visa application: this change will help those students who are already in Australia and were studying. If they could not complete their studies within the validity of the visa, then they can apply for the extension of their visa free of cost. No application fee would be taken for extending the visa and they can carry on with their study after this pandemic is over or the situation improves. Online study will be counted for a Post study work visa: This change is for both, the present students and the future students. If you have or will attend online classes, then that time too will be counted in the study time and you will get a post study work visa according to the duration of total study so you don’t have to worry about the work visa you will get after the study. Graduates returned to their home country will be eligible to apply for a post study work visa: if you had completed your study before the lockdown and had returned to your home country and could not come back to Australia, then you are eligible to apply for a post study work visa without any hesitation. Additional time will be provided to submit the result of English proficiency test: IF in your country English proficiency tests were not taken due to the lockdown, then you are eligible to submit the test result later and this will not impact your visa application process.

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