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The changes that are made by Australian immigration in point system 2019/2020 planning levels.

The changes that are made by Australian immigration in point system 2019/2020 planning levels.

It is not an easy task to migrate to Australia without proper information as well as knowledge. So, you have to talk to Migration agents in Brisbane, because only they can tell you what to do to migrate to Australia. To apply under skilled visas, you have to know and understand what type of occupations are in demand in Australia and get PR in Australia.High demand Occupations
OccupationNumber  of CandidatesMaximum points
Auditors and Corporate treasures221285
Electronics Engineer233480
Industrial, mechanical, and production engineers233580
Other engineering professionals233980
ICT business and System Analyst261180
Software and application Programmers261380
Computer Network professionals263180
This will help you to get a visa easily, otherwise, you will surely experience several problems. In addition to this, you must know and understand the new point system and changes as well. 16 November 2019 legislation changesPoint Test for Permanent ResidencyThe Department of Immigration made several changes in skilled occupation visas and points that are required to apply for a visa. These are-:
  • 5 points for a spouse or de facto partner, if they have Competent English. Competent English means you have to get 7 each in IELTS or PTE language proficiency test.
  • The Department of immigration gives 10 points for applicants without a spouse.
  • 10 points for those who have an Australian citizen or permanent resident spouse or de facto partner.
  • 10 points for a skilled de facto partner or spouse, who has good command over English, experience in relevant occupation but he is under 45 years. Currently, immigration gives only 5 points for this category.
  • 10 points for specialist education include technology, science, mathematics, and engineering too. For this category, currently, you get only 5 points. This system is additionally known as STEM.
  • 15 points are given to those with nomination or sponsorship by a family member who is residing in South Australia. This will allow you to live, study, and work in Regional areas for an unlimited time.
Invitations for points tested visas
  • Primary applicants with a skilled de facto partner or spouse.
  • Primary applicants who are not in de facto relationship.
  • Primary applicants with a spouse or de facto partner who have competent English, However, do not have the appropriate skills for skilled partner points include age and relevant experience.
  • Primary applicants whose partners are ineligible for either Skilled partner points or competent English. 
New Skilled Regional Visa-: Skilled Work Regional Provisional (Subclass 491)This New skilled regional visa class has two streams include-:
  • You can apply if you have nomination letter by a state or territory government 
  • If an eligible family member who is living in a regional area sponsors you, then you can apply under this category. 

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