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Business & Skilled Migration Queensland – Suspended

Business & Skilled Migration Queensland – Suspended

The Business & Skilled Migration Queensland is suspending invitation for Business Innovation and Investment program

Queensland is temporarily suspending issuing new invitations for the following visas under the Business Innovation and Investment Program from 02/01/2019.

Queensland are not accepting ant new EOI’s submitted from this date.

The visa subclasses suspended include: 188- Business  include:

  1. 188 – Business Innovation (188A)
  2. Investor (188B)
  3. 188 Significant Investor (SIV or 188C)
  4. 188 Entrepreneur (188E)
  5. 132 – Significant Business History (132 SBH)
  6. 132 -Venture Capital Entrepreneur

Queensland will still be processing completed applications prior to this date.

We will advise when applications for QLD nomination will reopen.

For more info contact: Education Embassy @ +61426089600

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