Everything you need to know about how Bushfires shut down Universities in Australia

Everything you need to know about how Bushfires shut down Universities in Australia

Education Embassy Brisbane: You may hear that bushfires rage across Victoria and New South Wales, Australia is faced with a big crisis. Till now, the Australian bushfires have claimed almost 25 human lives, and about half a billion wild animals. Not to forget, it has destroyed thousands of homes and displaced thousands of people.

Yes, it is true that Australia encounters fire every summer, but this time it is too much or we can also say at worst. This year, Hot temperatures rise too much nearly 48.9 degrees Celsius and strong winds have caused the rapid spread of wildfires. Climate change also has been said to have exacerbated the bushfires, impacting weather patterns.

What does it affect international students?

Well, you may not know that New South Wales declared a state emergency after bushfires. So, if you are planning to apply for student visa these days, you have to talk to migration agents in Brisbane, so that you can get proper knowledge about everything.

Moreover, Canberra is the worst sufferer across the world with air quality. Due to the smoke from the bushfires, the town was shrouded in a dense orange haze. Both the Australia National University and the University of Canberra have closed their campuses because of poor air quality. Australia National University gave a statement that no one can work in hazardous conditions. Well, this is not only applicable to University campuses, but also surrounding areas such as Kioloa, Acton, and Mt Stromlo as well.

So, these are reasons, why you have to delay your student visa process. You are only alone, there are several international students who are planning to apply for a visa. But for now, you must delay your admission because both the Australian Universities gave instructions to their students and tell them to follow certain guidelines issued by the ACT Health Directorate.

The guidelines include:

  • Staying cool and hydrated

  • No one can use air conditioners that draw air from outside into the campus.

  • If anyone is suffering from a heart or lung condition, then they should ensure taking the medications on time. This will help them to reduce the risk of several health conditions.

Well, the university campuses remain open, but higher authorities give special instructions to all the students. You have to stay indoor and must avoid outdoor activities because of air pollution and those who are already suffering from respiratory problems.

So, if you are looking for a visa, then you have to talk to our experts, they will help you to get a visa easily. They will also tell you which university offers you the best education and how to choose the course accordingly. As our experts have a great deal of knowledge about each visa type include student visa too.

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