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How to Beware of Fraudulent Migration Agents who spread wrong information on Visas?

How to Beware of Fraudulent Migration Agents who spread wrong information on Visas?

Nowadays, the demand of Immigration agents in the market is enhanced. There is no shortage of those individuals who want to settle in Abroad to chase their dreams and fulfil every requirement of their family. A recent survey revealed that India has increased its overall visa application processing by up to 22% while almost 60-70% increase of the visa candidates in Punjab. As a result, numerous migration agents available who gives wrong advice about visa and its overall processing. The department of home affairs in Australia advises people to be careful from wrong and dodgy advertisements. People can hire professional Migration Agents in Brisbane as they provide genuine and appropriate advice regarding any profile & visa processing. According to a social media post, an authorized migration agent Mr. Kailey alleged that one of fraudulent Immigration agent provides false immigration information to the people and gives them a 100% guarantee for their Skilled work visa and Tourist visa.  Going Abroad for any purpose, here are some important steps that everyone needs to remember about a Migration agent:
  • Ignorance of those firms who guarantying a reputed job in Foreign
This is one of the most important steps that you need to remember that ignore those fake consultants that are offering you a permanent reputed job in the Foreign country. These are all the tactics of fake agents to get in touch with less educated people who wants to work & settle abroad.
  • Researching the background of Consultant
Always do complete research about the Immigration you hire or decide to give your visa file to him. Collect appropriate information by exploring the official website & read the testimonials. You have to aware of fraudulent calls & fake text messages. You can also check the reviews & feedback of satisfied people.
  • Adequate Experience
Experience matters the most as it is applicable in the Immigration department too. Before selecting make sure the Migration agent has appropriate experience of many years. Also, check how long he has been practising in his department.
  • Online Reviews
It is very important for you to always check the overall reviews of the immigration consultant. Most of the firms & Migration agents have their reviews over the Internet. Moreover, read all the reviews whether it is positive or negative carefully. If an agent has poor reviews then you need not worry, just deeply examine & check if they are fake. In addition to this, the most effective way to analyze reviews is to check three main things i.e. employee names, their communication level and more importantly the form. Through these beneficial steps, you can find which agent is right and which is wrong for you.

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