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Which method is considered as the best way to get PR in Australia?

Which method is considered as the best way to get PR in Australia?

Australia is considered one of the best places as an immigration destination. People from different parts of the world are moving to Australia to start their livelihood. 

Skilled Permanent Visa in Australia

In Australia, the most applied visa category is Skilled Visa. Due to skill shortage and there is a need for skilled workers to fill the vacancies in different job sectors. To make sure everything is done in the right manner you should take the help of the best Migration Agents in Brisbane.

Best way to get Australian PR

Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189)

Skilled Independent Visa is for applicants with an appropriate qualification or they have experience in the occupation which is present in the Skilled Occupation List.

What is the working of this visa?

To apply for the Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189) the applicant can be in Australia or overseas. For lodging the visa within Australia, the applicant should have a substantive visa or Bridging A, B, or C visa. Once the applicant applies from within Australia, you will get a bridging visa and you are allowed to stay in Australia till the time the visa is assessed.

Who can apply for this visa?

The subclass 189 visa is for applicants with appropriate qualifications and they should have experience in the occupations which are in demand. This is a point-test visa and the applicant should apply for the visa through the program of SkillSelect.

What you can do with this visa?

The Skilled Independent visa is for permanent residency. Once it is being granted, the applicant will be able to do:
  • For the indefinite period stay in Australia.
  • Without restriction, you get to work and study in Australia
  • For 5 years Travel to and from Australia from the date the visa is granted
  • Enroll in Medicare (Health care option in Australia)
  • Apply for Australian citizenship.
  • For Temporary and permanent Australian visas eligible relatives can be sponsored.

General eligibility criteria

To be eligible for this visa type the applicant must lodge an EOI (Expression Of Interest) through the Immigration Department in the SkillSelect Programme to apply for this visa type.To get this visa granted, the eligibility of the visa will depend on:
  • The applicant’s age should be under 50 to get the visa.
  • Nominate the occupation that is mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
  • Make sure your skills are assessed by the appropriate assessing authority of Australian skills. This will the applicant will be suitable for the nominated occupation.
  • The applicant must have Competent English
  • On the relevant points test score, there should be 60 points.
  • Fulfilling the health and character requirements
  • You might have to submit a medical certificate and PPC
Make sure that all your documents are proper and they should be submitted on time. 

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