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What are the visa options available onshore during COVID 19 pandemic?

What are the visa options available onshore during COVID 19 pandemic?

The Government of Australia is dedicated to safeguarding Australian wellbeing, promoting industry and education, and to preserving food sources throughout our battle against the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, in Covid-19 several protocols are given for the Australian visa. 

During this time, public safety is the government’s focus. The recommendation on public safety in relation to COVID 19 will extend to all conditional visa holders.

Stay lawfully in Australia

It is necessary to maintain legal status for temporary visa holders wherever possible in Australia. Regardless of the immigration status of a citizen, if they become sick there is no limit to coping with the health system. In case you do not know what to do in the situation, you need to seek help from our migration agents in Brisbane. As they have great experience in this field, they will assist you properly with every possible solution.

Tourist or visitor visa Holder

Throughout Australia, tourist visa holders will travel to their countries, if they can.

  • You need to hold a current visa and notify the health system if you are not able to return to your country.

  • In order to retain their legal status, visitor visa holders may apply for a new visa until their existing visa expires.

  • When a tourist has a restriction of “no further stay” with respect to his visa (incl. 8503, 8534 or 8535), with the period lasting less than two months, he can recommend that this requirement be suspended so that he/she can apply for a further visa application.

International Students

With respect to the visa conditions of students, the Government takes a flexible approach when COVID-19 and related restrictions on travel, such as attendance or the use of online learners, have been prevented. In certain vital industries, the Government partially extended the 40-hour limitation on working.

New Zealand 444 Special Category Visa (SCV)

New Zealand’s and Australians provide provisions for each other to live and work in the country. You would have the right to qualify for all welfare benefits, including the Work Seeker and Employment Manager fees, whether you are a covered NZV citizen and satisfy all qualifying criteria.

Employer-sponsored temporary work visas Subclass 457, 482, 494

Temporary visas or short skill visa holders who have ceased but not laid off retain the value of their visa and companies should be allowed to expand their visas due to the regular arrangements. Enterprises may also be raising visa holder hours without compromising on the visa terms or the business breaching its employer obligations.

Working holidaymakers

The government makes convenient provisions for employment by Working Holiday Makers (WHMs) to help vital fields such as wellness, aged and disability care, forestry, food production, and childcare. WHMs employed in these vital industries shall be excluded from one employer’s six-month time cap and will, therefore, be eligible for another visa if their existing visa expires over the next six months.

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