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Guide on Australia’s international borders remain closed and priority to temporary visa holders

Guide on Australia’s international borders remain closed and priority to temporary visa holders

Australia’s international borders remain closed Alan Tudge, Acting Immigration Minister has mentioned in one of his interviews that it is tough to predict when Australia will be able to lift the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 for temporary visa holders. No doubt, there has been a significant reduction is COVID-19 cases in Victoria and the rest of the country. He also added, the likelihood of opening the international border is dependent on vaccine development and most importantly when it is available in Australia. It is difficult to give the set timeframe when the Australian borders can be opened. We all are looking for a vaccine that will help to control the entire situation, and globally it will be a relief to everyone. If you are wondering how this scenario will impact your visa then get in touch with our team of migration agents in Brisbane for better understanding. Australia’s pace to open international borders has slowed down: Tudge The Immigration Minister said the second wave of the COVID-19 in Victoria was responsible for slowing down the country’s path and lifting the border restrictions. You can see that the state border closers are important, and everyone is worried about Victoria, and this has stopped the Australian government from opening the international borders for everyone. Minister Tudge said, “Earlier we have overshadowed that there might be some trials for international students. It might have happened by now to open the bubble with New Zealand but it has not happened till now. ” Impact on temporary visa holders Back in March, the International borders were closed for the temporary visa holders that include international students and visitors to prevent the infections coming to Australia specifically through oversea travelers. Taking the preventive border measures have played an important role in slowing the spread of the virus. But, the work visa holders have faced a lot because of this and international students life has also been impacted. They do not have the option to return, and they need to lodge requests for travel exemptions. Minister Tudge said, ‘The only option for temporary visa holders is an inward travel exemption till the time borders are not opened.’ Those working in information technology and healthcare have started coming back in small numbers, and some of the temporary migrant application processing time has started. Additionally, the PMSOL skilled workers will be allowed to return sooner as compared to others. The sponsored skilled workers include construction project managers, chief executives, IT professionals, mechanical engineers, Nurses, doctors, managing directors, and psychiatrists.

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