Everything you need to know about Australia’s Immigration Program 2020

Everything you need to know about Australia’s Immigration Program 2020

Introduction Australia’s Immigration Program 2020: With the migration program of Australia, the federal government allocates places each year to people who want to migrate to Australia permanently. Since 1945, the Migration program in Australia has changed a lot.  Australian Migration Program With time, the Migration program numbers have fluctuated a lot by keeping in mind the priorities and political considerations. The program planning figures have reached a great height in 1969. Well, you can say that in the planned migration intake there has been a gradual increase which is closely linked with economic growth. As there are different visa options in the migration program so you should hire experienced and skilled Migration Agents in Brisbane. Skilled Migration If we compare the Migration Program back to 30 years then they are similar levels but the focus is not the same. Various policy measures have been implemented that help in focusing on the new migrants.with the nominated skills list, the rules have become stringent and English language requirement has tightened to make sure the client meets the eligibility requirements. Four main categories
  • General skilled migration
This is for skilled workers when they do not have a sponsor to nominate them. Migrants are selected based on their age, skills, qualifications, nominated occupation, English language ability, and employability.
  • Employer nomination
This is for employers who do not have an employer to sponsor them.
  • Business skills migration
This migration program is for migrants who have a successful business and they want to start new business opportunities in Australia.
  • Distinguished talent
This is category is for talented people in different fields like designers, artists, musicians, and athletes. Family stream The family stream of the Migration program is for the Australian citizen’s immediate family members, eligible New Zealand citizens, or permanent residents. Family members in this stream include orphan relatives, dependent children, parents, aged dependent relatives, partners, or carers. The language requirement is not for the skilled migrants but the applicants do need to meet the character and health requirements. Four Main Category
  • Parent
  • A partner that includes de facto partners, fiances, and spouses.
  • Child includes step-child of the sponsor or dependent child, orphan relatives (child under the age of 18), and a child adopted from overseas.
  • Other family members like carer category, aged dependent relative, and relatives.
Source country The most common change is seen in the source countries. With the gradual dismantling policy, the Australian policy was accepting the British migrants. In the 1980s there has been seen in the increase of migrants from Africa, the Middle-East, and Asia. The most number of migrants are from the UK from 2008 to 2009. After that, the largest source of countries are India and China.

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