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What are the different Australian visa options to stay longer in Australia?

What are the different Australian visa options to stay longer in Australia?

In this article, our Migration agents in Brisbane have shared the topmost Australian visa options if you wish to stay in Australia for a longer time. De-facto Visa If you are an Australian partner then you can apply for the De-facto visa once you have made evident that your relationship is genuine. For that, the couple needs to submit the proof of:
  • Living together for the time of one year.
  • Even the married couple have to give the proof they are in a relationship. They can show proof of 6 months of living together.
For the first 2 years, the visa is provisional. After that, the immigration will get in contact with you to check if you are staying together and grant you permanent residency. Regional skilled Migration Scheme The Regional Skilled Migration visa is a Permanent residency visa for the designated area and applicants in Perth. The applicant needs to have a job offer in the designated area from the employer for 2 years in Australia. The occupation should be at a certain skill level and the skill assessment is not needed. It is best that you consult the migration agent and they can guide you about your eligibility. Who is exempted from the skill assessment? The exemption of skill assessment is for the trade professionals who have 457 visas for 2 years. In this visa, the family can be included in the application and they can work or study. The Australian passport can be applied after 4 years. The processing time is around 6 to 8 months. Skilled Migration Visa The skilled migration visa is a pathway for Permanent residency. The visa is point-based and you will get the points based on work experience, age, qualification, an Australian study, and your closed-blood relatives living in the designated area. This visa is for skilled workers who possess the required qualification, score, and experience with a mark of 60 points. How is the visa beneficial?
  • In the application, the dependent family members can be included.
  • The pathway to Permanent residency is opened.
  • The parent or spouse gets all the working rights as the permanent resident.
  • After 4 years, you get the option to apply for citizenship.
To get the skilled migration visa, few stages are included like the expression of interest (EOI), skill assessment, visa application, and state nomination, Temporary working visa You can apply for the Australian business sponsorship visa if you can secure an eligible job offer from the company in Australia. Some of the conditions which are taken into consideration include:
  • Till the time you have a job, you can stay and work in Australia.
  • Every 4 years renew the visa
  • With this visa, the Dependent family members can be included.
  • The applicants with a business sponsorship visa can apply for a permanent residency visa.
  • Around 600 eligible occupations are included like engineers, nurses, trade professionals, and doctors, teachers, accountants, computing professionals, IT professionals, managers and many more.

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