Australian Visa for Truck Drivers

Australian Visa for Truck Drivers

A heavy vehicle licence is required if you want to drive heavy trucks across Australia. There are some things you should do to get a truck driving license in Australia before you apply for the visa. When it comes to Australian Visa for truck drivers, a truck driver is anyone who drives a heavy truck and will require a specially endorsed license to transport heavy goods. Apart from registration or licensing, there are other features of this visa for truck drivers:
  • – This visa comes under skill level 4
  • – Specialisations include
    1. 1 Cement Mixer Driver
    2. 2 Livestock Haulier
    3. 3 Haulpak Driver
    4. 4 Compactor Driver (involving rubbish collection)
    5. 5 Kaitaraiwa Taraka (New Zealand)
    6. 6 Road Train Driver
    7. 7 Logging Truck Driver
    8. 7 Tilt Tray Driver
  • – There are no caveats required for visa for truck drivers in Australia
Apart from the basic truck driver visa (Truck Driver (General) – ANZSCO 733111), there is also a group called Group 7331 Truck Drivers. These include truck drivers who drive heavy trucks, removal vans, tow trucks, and tankers, which are used to transport bulk liquids and goods. The features are as follows:
  • -Their tasks include:
    1. 1 Manoeuvring cars into loading and unloading positions.
    2. 2 Using lifting and tipping systems to stack and unload cars.
    3. 3 Complying with safety regulations when loading and unloading vehicles.
    4. 4 Carrying out routine vehicle quality inspections to ensure that they can be driven safely.
    5. 5 Estimating weights in order to meet load limits and ensure safe weight distribution.
    6. 6 Ensuring the supplies are safely stowed and covered to avoid loss and injury.
    7. 7 Verifying loading records, inspecting products for condition, and receiving delivery certification.
  • -Skill level: Most occupations in this unit category include a level of competence that corresponds to the skills and experience mentioned. In Australia, the person applying for visa for truck drivers are required to have Certificate II or III in AQF (ANZSCO Skill Level 4). In New Zealand, you must have a NZ Register Level 2 or 3 qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 4). At least one year of applicable experience can be substituted for the above-mentioned academic qualifications. Related experience and/or on-the-job preparation may be needed in addition to the standardised certification in some cases. It is necessary to register or obtain a license.
  • -Other occupations in this group include 733112 Aircraft Refuellers, 733113 Furniture removalists, 733114 Tanker drivers, and 733115 Tow truck drivers.

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