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Australian Tourist Visa | Cost & Visa Refusal and Re-Application

Australian Tourist Visa | Cost & Visa Refusal and Re-Application

Many people want to visit foreign destinations for enjoying their vacations. However, it is not always a cakewalk. If the documents are not in place, you might have to face refusal. In its wake, you will also have to face wastage of precious resources like time, money and effort. Migration Agents in Brisbane will help you if you find yourself in such a situation. According to them, you must understand all the requirements related to the application and of course the necessary documents. There are some other factors that might lead to the rejection of the tourist visa. So prepare yourself well for the task. Keep in mind the following points before you submit your application.

Hire an Agent

You may be entering into a world of troubles if you think you can do it all alone. It is better to take the help of a professional agency which handles international tourism and visa. There are many agencies that can help you with it but hiring a MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) agent will be a sure-shot way of making your process loophole-free. A MARA agent is a person who is authorized by the Australian government to look into the file application process on behalf of the client.

Your financial details

You must be sure of having a clean financial history ahead of filing your application. You must be a regular income taxpayer. Your income tax record will influence the chances of your getting the visa. A regular income taxpayer will have a high chance of getting the visa as compared to a person with a dubious history. So sort your financial details as soon as possible. Financial savings also have to be shown to prove your strong financial health, which is also a big factor in succeeding in the process. You will be required to show your savings to prove your financial health. The savings include both movable and immovable properties. These details are looked into by the department so that the individual’s credibility is ascertained. The more well off the person, the lesser his chances of absconding or submitting false payments.

Have a Travel History

Showing that you have traveled to different countries will have a positive influence on the chances of getting a tourist visa. If you have a travel history of visiting many international destinations, it will improve the chances of getting a visa for Australia. You might stand fewer chances of getting the visa if you don’t have a significant travel history and you are not able to convince the authorities about the purpose of your visit, then you might have to face rejection of the visa.

Return Details

You must also furnish details about the return. You will have high chances of rejection if the visa officer feels that you don’t have the intention of returning to your country. Therefore, it is necessary to prove your ties with your home country when facing the visa officer. You will have to furnish clear details about the duration of the visit. If you are employed with some organization, it will help strengthen your case if you show your leave application and a letter regarding your joining date from the organization. You will also be required to submit proofs in keeping with your profile.

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