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Australian Tourism Launches New Campaign- Come And Say G’Day

Australian Tourism Launches New Campaign- Come And Say G’Day

Australian Tourism
Australian tourism has stated in a press release that Australia is reopening its international borders to travelers around the world who are vaccinated against Covid-19. They called it an overwhelming experience to welcome the travelers back to Australia.
Don’t Go Small, Go Australia is a 40$ million campaign that reminds various travelers from worldwide about the relaxing and discovering incredible experiences in Australia. The world has waited 2 years to get down for holiday and if you are planning or the one then why can’t it be is a holiday in Australia. This new campaign is a long-term strategy for getting tourism back in Australia. The campaign launches many new products over the last two years for travelers who wanted to explore something new in Australia.
The campaign presents the travelers what they are missing in Australia including world-famous icons, epic adventures, and vast landscapes, and thinks big about the holiday you have been waiting for a long. There are activities in different locations there to reflect the diverse tourism activities in Australia. Many cities were highly impacted during the pandemic but now these entire have come to the spotlight. This campaign will run in Germany, India, France, Italy, Canada, and the UK as well as in the USA.
The introduction of direct flights connecting other nations from Australia will also help to enhance travel. According to a research, millions of individuals from all over the world want to visit Australia in the next two years.
Another factor driving high demand for travel to Australia is the ICC World T20 event, which will take place in October and November this year. Studies also said that there is demand in travel can be seen when the country hosts cricket world cup and craze goes to next extent in some specific countries. With many campaign activities, Public Relations, key distribution collaborations, and airline partners, Australia is feeling positive to change that demand and gets tourists throughout the world for their arrivals in Australia.
The officials of Australian tourist management said that we are excited to welcome international visitors back in Australia who makes the critical part of the visitor economy. Australia always remains the most desirable destination for visitors around the world and we can’t wait long to share the unforgettable tourism experiences we are offering in Australia. There may be many different travel partners and migrant agents who can help you get early bookings in Australia.


Now, they are eligible to apply For potential visitors, Australia’s island country has announced a visa application that contains a waiver for tourists whose visa (subclass 600) is due to expire between March 20, 2020, and June 30, 2022. Now, they are eligible to apply for a future visitor visa and have not to pay extra charges under the Visa Application Charge (VAC) waiver provisions. They have to submit the applications by December 31 to be eligible for the waiver.

Travel Regulations

If you wanted to visa to Australia, then you need to have a valid visa along with the certificate for vaccination showing that both the doses for the Covid-19 protection have been taken along with a negative test result for RT-PCR. The test should be done within 72 hours before your departure. Along with that, a visitor needs to show the digital passenger declaration 72 hours before departure. The passengers can also go for a self-monitored rapid antigen within 24 hours of their arrival in Australia. If you are visiting South Australia, then need to take PCR within 24 hours of arrival when traveling to Western Australia have to go for the rapid antigen test within 12 hours of arrival.

Conclusion – Travelling to Australia is dream come true for most travelers around the world and if you are one of those who were not able to visit Australia due to Covod-19 restrictions, then you got a chance to visit Australia now as the Australian government has decided to ease the restrictions. For more information and help in an application, you need a qualified migration agent in Brisbane, Australia so that eh process goes simplified and easy for you. Our Education Embassy is a leading MARA registered migration agent in Australia. We have helped many applicants submit and get their visa approval successfully. When you contact us then one from our team of professional agents will contact you and help you with personalized solutions. So, for any information or query, you can contact us today!

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