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Australian State or Family Sponsorship Skilled Visas

Australian State or Family Sponsorship Skilled Visas

Do you want to migrate to Australia? If yes, then you have to talk to migration agents in Brisbane to get proper knowledge about each visa type. They may recommend you apply under Nominated or Sponsored provisional Subclass 491 Visa. This visa type allows you to live there for at least 5 years. And this is a temporary visa that permits you to work for 5 years without any problem. In the meantime, you can also continue your studies if you want. However, you have to fulfill all the requirements of this visa class. So, that you can get the visa easily and start living with your family in Australia. Let’s discuss certain features of this visa.

Major features for this visa.

As we stated above, you have to fulfill all the requirements of this visa class.
  • First of all, you have to collect almost 65 points so that you can get a visa.
  • You have to show that the state government invites you for a skilled occupation.
  • You need to prove that you have sponsorship from your relatives, who are residing in the regional area.
  • Next, you must prove that you have real or genuine attention to live or work in a regional area in Australia.
  • Your sponsors can be a State government or your relative must have permanent residency or Australian Citizenship as well. Or if your spouse is sponsoring you, then you have shown your de facto relationship.

New conditions for all visa holders

  • If you change your residential status, then you must notify immigration within 14 days. You must give them proper detail such as email address, Phone number, new address, and your passport number too.
  • You have to live only in a regional area, which you choose at the time of lodging an application.
  • If immigration asks you anything, then you have to respond back within 28 days. Otherwise, your request is going to decline and you may need to apply it again.
  • If immigration requests you for an interview, then you have to attend it on a given time.

Other features of the subclass 491 visa.

As we stated above, you can live and work in a regional area without any problem, but there are some other features as well. These are-:
  • Permanent Residency after 5 years
  • Include family members in the visa
  • Live, work and study in Australia
  • Travel in and out of the country
  • The validity of the visa is for 5 years

Requirements to be fulfilled to get this visa.

  • You must be below 45 year
  • Collect at least 65 points to lodge an application.
  • Take language proficiency test
  • Choose the occupation, which is relevant to your previous job.
  • You need sponsorship from government or relative.
  • You have to live and work only in regional for 5 years.

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