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Everything you need to know about the Migration Program planning levels

Everything you need to know about the Migration Program planning levels

Australian: Migration Program Planning Levels

Australia’s first federal immigration program was created in 1945. Till now, many changes have been made in the Migration program which has helped many people to settle in Australia. The government is making every possible effort to increase socio-economic development. With these efforts, it has been seen that the annual growth rate in Australia has increased. For the year, 2019 to 2020 the program is set annually which means the total intake is ceiled at 1,60,000. It means people from all over the world can choose to live and work in Australia with different visa types. In case you are planning to migrate to Australia then you need to take guidance from the best Migration Agents in Brisbane for all the latest and updated information. The Australian Migration program contains different streams which are mentioned below:
  • Skilled migration
Skilled migration is useful in improving the productivity of the Australian economy. The job options which are not able to be filled by Australian’s for that the skilled labour will be hired. This also includes fulfilling the labour shortage in regional Australia. This program covers around 69.5%.
  • Family Migration
Family programs include the partner visa, parent visa, children visa, and dependent relative. With this visa, Australians can reunite with their family members who are living overseas. In simple words, Australians can bring their family members and it also opens the pathway of citizenship. This program covers around 30.5%.
  • Special Eligibility
This visa is for special circumstances. This stream has the smallest amount in the program. Under this stream, the people with Australian PR can return to Australia after a long time.
  • Child
With this visa, the child can get the benefit and it has around 3350 places.

Stream and Category

2019- 2020

Skill stream
Employer Sponsored 30,000
Skilled Independent 16,652
Regional 25,000
Skilled Employer Sponsored 10,000
Skilled Work Regional 15,000
Global Talent 5,000
Distinguished Talent 200
State/Territory Nominated 24,968
Business Innovation & Investment program 6,862
Skill Total 108,682
Family Stream
Partner 39,799
Parent 7,371
Other Family 562
Family Total 47,732
Special Eligibility 236
Child (estimate; not subject to a ceiling) 3,350
Total 160,000
Program Composition and size The composition and size of the Australian Migration program are set each year with the ‘Australian Government’s Budget process’. Everyone is informed with the changes made in the program by consulting the state & territory government, community groups, business groups, and the wider public. While planning the Australian migration program everything is kept in mind which include:
  • Community views
  • Economic and labour force forecast
  • International research
  • Net overseas migration
  • Economic and fiscal modelling

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