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Everything in brief about the Australian Migration Program 2020-2021

Everything in brief about the Australian Migration Program 2020-2021

Australian Migration Program 2020-2021 System

The migration system makes a substantial contribution to the Australian economy. It impacts different aspects of Australia which include education, employment, infrastructure, and population. The migration program is designed in such a way that it supports Australia’s interest. The economy is focusing on bringing innovation, skills, and international connections.

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Planning the permanent Migration program

Australia’s Migration program is designed to benefit the economic and social development of Australia. Currently, it includes three streams which include:

  • Skilled Stream

  • Family Stream

  • Special Eligibility Stream

Under these streams, Australia will get different benefits because of the improved criteria and planning levels.

Discussion for planning the Migration program

  • Population and Migration planning

The population of Australia has helped to improve the population growth. The population growth has strengthened the economy, improved social outcomes, and increased job opportunities.

With the Migration system, there has been an increase of 58% of the population growth. Last year in March, the Australian government released a plan which focused on future population growth.

The initiative is given on encouraging skilled labor to work in regional Australia. The government is making all the efforts to improve and shape migration programs across Australia.

  • Increase Migration in the Regional area

There is a need to focus on benefiting the local economies and meeting the skills shortage in regional areas. In the migration program, the focus is given on allocating the more places to the Employer-sponsored visa category, state/territory nomination. For regional Australia, the dedicated places are around 25,000.

Around 90% of the permanent migrants are living in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne. This is the reason, continuous efforts are made to improve the migration settings in the different areas of Australia.

  • Increasing benefits of Skilled Migration

The government is focusing on safeguarding Australian worker’s jobs by designing the skilled migration policy. The program is designed to meet Australia’s economic and skilled shortage needs. The main goal is to make Australia better with the aging population but without taking away opportunities from Australians. Additionally, the skilled migrant is hired so that the changing needs of territories and businesses are met on time.

Migration program categories

Skill Stream Category


Fulfill the skill shortage needs in the medium to long-term.


Fulfilling the long-term needs in Australia by bringing in the young and skilled migrants who have advanced English language proficiency.

State or Territory Nominated

Providing skilled migration labor specifically for the states and territories.

Business Innovation and Investment Program

Encouraging economic activity in Australia by increasing business diversity and entrepreneurial activity.

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