How Long Does It Take to Get an Australian Citizenship?

How Long Does It Take to Get an Australian Citizenship?

Australian permanent resident, it’s an overwhelming experience to be part of this liberated and democratic country. After becoming an Australian citizen, you have all the rights to work and live in Australia without any bounds. To become a citizen of Australia, you should follow the eligibility criteria and pay the cost, and then came to the processing time. Many people having questions in mind, regarding how long does it take to become a citizen of Australia?

Points to Consider for Applying For Australia Citizenship

The duration to get Australian citizenship can be between 10-14 months after you file your application. Still, there are some points that can affect the duration includes: • Be a permanent resident • Meet with eligibility criteria for residents • Likely to stay in Australia or maintain a close connection with Australia • A person ages 18 years or older and with the good moral character Read More: Important Points to Keep in Mind While Apply For an Australian Citizen

Factors Affecting the duration of Australian Citizenship

Processing and waiting time for Australian citizenship or visa depend upon the various circumstances and situations of the applicants. Applications get under process according to the case to case, and so is the reason for having a different duration of these processes. Some of the common circumstances which explain how long does it take to become a citizen of Australia include • Time taken by attending a citizenship ceremony or getting the citizenship certificate in case the citizen application is done via conferral • After the application lodging is done, and you need to be ready with all necessary documents or proofs required. • In case, you should have some additional information, they should have the response time, which means it will be in the addition to the general processing time. • The time is taken for checking and inspecting the supporting information. • Sometimes asked for additional information from external agencies including character, health, or natural security requirements.

Get Error Free Visa Application With Education Embassy

Education embassy, being the leading migration agents in Brisbane helps people who are looking for Australian citizenship. We make sure you file an error-free application so that will receive the visa in the minimal possible time. For that our experts consider: • Fill the online application using our immigration software • Make the application error-free with our Error Report technology • Check the key information mentioned in the application • Make sure there is no typographical error which is the main reason for the delayed process • Check the basic information like names, dates, and places written correctly.

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