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Australia Tourist Visa Rejected When Can I Apply Again

Australia Tourist Visa Rejected When Can I Apply Again

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Did you face an Australia visa rejection recently? If so, you must wonder what to do next and when I can apply again. Can I appeal again for the refusal or simply fill out another visa application? Before you re-apply again, know the reason for visa refusal. In this guide, we’ll provide you with complete information on tourist visa refusal and how to apply again.

What is the Reason for Australia Tourist Visa Rejection?

When a decision is reached to deny or cancel a visa, the additional document is often included with the confirmation of the decision. The explanations for the refusal or cancellation of your visa are provided in this other document. It’s critical to comprehend these motives.

Whether you can reapply following a visa denial or cancellation depends on the specifics of your situation. Several factors may lead to the denial of your visa application, but the majority of them fall within the following two groups:

Character-Related Visa Refusal

If you don’t pass the “character test,” you’ll receive this kind of cancellation, which is very severe. The government can often cancel or deny a visa if you don’t pass the character test. This applies to anybody with a lengthy criminal history, who has disobeyed the law, entered the country illegally, or engaged in other significant criminal activity.

Non-Character Related Visa Refusal

This is the most typical kind of visa cancellation and denial. For instance, if you unintentionally submitted false information on your request or didn’t match the requirements for a specific type of visa, your application can be rejected.

Though there have been significant exceptions, most refusals or cancellations of this kind won’t prevent you from submitting new applications.

Other Solid Reasons for Australian Tourist Visa Rejection

A denial or cancellation made on character-related grounds is challenging to appeal. Though challenging, it’s not automatically impossible. Individuals whose visa is denied or revoked based on their character may be permanently barred from entering Australia. While any appeal is being processed, you may anticipate being detained and finding it challenging to obtain a bridging visa to leave custody.

Can You Apply Again for Australia Tourist Visa?

You might be able to file an appeal regarding your case’s circumstances, including the reason for the denial or cancellation and when it occurred. You might be eligible to submit a fresh visa application in a few specific situations. Depending on your situation, you may have several options for contesting a negative ruling or asking for a new visa.

Take a Quick Action

You nearly always need to apply for a BVE (Bridging Visa E) immediately if your visa is revoked and you presently reside in Australia. This visa will offer you some breathing room as you leave Australia, apply for one of a select few visas, or even appeal.

If you intend to take the termination case through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), previously the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT), a BVE may also be granted.

Never Hide Rejection and Cancellation

When applying for additional visas with the Department of Home Affairs, you must disclose all instances in which your visa application was denied or was subject to cancellation. The previous unfavorable judgment will nearly always impact your eligibility for subsequent visas.

Keeping prior visa denial or cancellation decisions a secret is not a good idea. If migration does not currently know, it will eventually find out. So, be honest. Lying to the Department concerning your immigration background has severe repercussions.

Re-Apply for Visa

Your next course of action is determined by the grounds for your visa denial or cancellation and the kind of permit that was rejected or revoked. In some circumstances, all you might need to do is submit a new (perhaps different) kind of visa application, and you might be accepted.

In some circumstances, though, appealing the decision against you is your best action. The majority of onshore-filed visa categories let you to appeal a decision to the Department of Immigration. Some visa applications submitted overseas with a sponsor may also be subject to an appeal.

Revocation of Cancelled Visa

The word “revocation” is typically used to describe when a visa has been either mandatorily revoked due to the application of section 501 of the Migration Act or when a visa is revoked while a person is traveling abroad. An application for reversing the cancellation decision must be made under certain situations, and it must be submitted within the allotted time frame and meet a specific set of criteria.

Final Call

Australian tourist visa rejection can be stressful for applicants. Knowing the right reason for visa refusal will allow you to apply again. We can guide you if you need guidance to reapply again for an Australia tourist visa. Contact us and get the best visa guidance from the experts.

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