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Australia Student Visa info including Financial requirements

Australia Student Visa info including Financial requirements

For Australia student Visa you should know all about the Genuine temporary entrant i.e. GTE requirements. You need to have a genuine intention to stay in Australia for the temporary time period. There are different kinds of requirements for different kind of Visa.  In order to assess the requirements of the student they consider the following things –
  • Circumstances of students including the education, family, income and employment.
  • Visa/immigration history of student
  • And many other related concerns
DHA/DIBP uses GTE requirements in order to identify the student visa applicants who have a target to get the visa of Australia and to continue with the quality education. The requirement is not designed for the students to be only discussed about the things but also to implement the necessary steps regarding the decision of further move to Australia.

English Language requirements –

For Indian student applicants, minimum 5.5 Band requirements in IELTS or PTE. However, 6.0 Band is recommended for better learning outcome at University studies. Advanced evidence of English language skills can also matter a lot for a person who wants to make a move towards his or her future. Majority of the Indian students are there who need to provide evidence of English language skills with Student Visa Application. And on the other hand if you do not provide evidence of your English valid score in the exam then your application is not acceptable. The test must have been taken not more than two years before you apply for a student visa.

Financial requirements for an Australian student visa –

Students need to have enough money which is available to pay and other related fees, and travel and living costs and if the student does not provide this evidence of financial capacity with the student visa application. There are other two options which are
  • Option 1 – Evidence of funds to cover travel to Australia and 12 months living course and the additional cost associated with all other schooling costs for the student and relatives and all.
  • Option 2 – Evidence that you meet the annual income requirement and student needs to have more knowledge about the related details.
Option 1 – 12 months funds option Majority of Indian student indicates their financial capacity by providing evidence of funds for the first 12 months of study. You need to manage all the expenses related to your studies and accommodation. The cost associated with your funds option can include various other charges such as 12 month living cost which further contains Student cost up to 20 and partner or spouse 7 and the child up to 3. And the overall travel cost is around 2000 dollars generally. Apart from all this, schooling costs for your children is 8000 and the other expenses such as extra funds required for some of the additional expense of the student. Acceptable evidence to fulfil the financial requirements of Australian student visa includes –
  • Money deposit is safe and should be with a financial institution so that it is more secure.
  • A loan with any financial institution.
  • If you have money in the post office, PPF and co-operative bank etc. then transfer funds to a valid bank and keep proof of source of funds and government loans and scholarship of financial support.
  • Genuine access to funds – You and your accompanying family members must be able to access the funds shown while on the other hand there are various options such as AASES and department of foreign affairs and trade and department of defence.
Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) You must be enrolled in a course of study that is registered on the CRICOS and also for each intended course of study with your Student Visa application on the other hand it as well offers your education provider will not be accepted at all. Also the health insurance is very important and also plays a vital role and health requirements to be fulfilled is very much difficult. Some of the additional information you must have – If you ever want to change the new course at the same time and same institution you are currently studying, you do not need to apply for a new student visa unless your current visa is about to expire. Moreover in addition to this, you and your family members can make a combined application and can apply for the visa. You need to organize the appropriate welfare and non English documents must be translated to English.

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