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Australia Immigration Rule Changes in 2019

Australia Immigration Rule Changes in 2019

If you are an Australian visa aspirant, you must keep up with the changes in the current system. You will be surprised to know that the system has changed. According to Migration agents Brisbane, the Australian migration system has introduced some changes in the point system.Change in the eligibility point systemAn increase in the minimum number of eligibility points has been introduced in the skilled migrant category.The three visas which fall under the General skilled migration program are mentioned as under-Subclass 189 visa (independent permanent)Subclass 190 visa (state nominated permanent)Subclass 489 visa (provisional)Earlier, a minimum of 60 points was required for fulfilling the eligibility criteria. The current change makes it mandatory to secure at least 65 points to be considered eligible. The change was introduced a few months back and has been applicable ever since. VISA Consultant in Brisbane has requested the applicants to be aware of the new changes.A new ray of hope for people with limited English skillsDue to the signing of two agreements by the Australian government, the pathways of Australia will now be open to people with limited English skills. The two agreements are related to Northern territories and Great Southern coast of victoria. The agreement goes by the name Designated Area Migration Agreement.Introduction of New Parent visaA new type of visa which is related to the temporary sponsorship of parents has been announced in the first half of 2019. This visa allows the parents of migrants to stay in Australia for 5 years. The visa was announced in 2016 but the implementation of the same got delayed. Now the visa is set to be launched in 2019. The parents of the migrant will have a choice between a 3-year visa which costs $5000 and a 5-year visa which costs $10,000.New outline for sponsored family visaNew guidelines have been issued regarding the sponsored family visa. It comes after the Migration Amendments (family violence and Other Measures) Bill was passed by the federal government in 2016. The government made some amendments to the bill. It will introduce a new way of applying for sponsored family visas. It will include a two-step application process. If the assessment of the sponsors is accepted then only a visa application form will be enough for submission. This new rule has been framed with the interests of vulnerable family members in mind. It aims to protect the children and married partners from their violent sponsors.Australian business visa without evidence of investmentA new type of business visa was introduced in November last year. It caters to the interests of businessmen. It will not demand any capital sum for conducting business in Australia. It has been formulated to improve the business prospects of the South Australian region.

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