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Australia: How To File Your Visa Application Again After Refusal?

Australia: How To File Your Visa Application Again After Refusal?

Reasons for an Australian visa refusal:

  • Not seeking professional help:

When you are going to launch the visa process on your own without seeking professional help then it increases the chances of Visa refusal.
  • Inadequate Information:

When you are not able to submit sufficient information to prove your claim which is provided in the application. You should provide all the required documents which are mentioned in the checklist.
  • False Information:

If the home affairs department founds the information provided in the visa application is false then the embassy is going to charge a fraud visa file case on you. Which means it restricts your entry in Australia forever,
  • Not able to satisfy the health requirements:

 If you are not able to satisfy the health requirement then the embassy is not going to issue you the visa.
  • Not sound character:

If the home affairs department found any past criminal record of yours then they are going to deny the visa file.
  • Insufficient proof of Financial Support:

When you are not able to submit sufficient proof of financial support to an embassy. Then the embassy is going to reject your file.

If your Australian visa was rejected, it’s not the end of the world

You must consult the Results Migration specialist lawyer and discuss your situation with him. You should seek help from Migration Agents in Brisbane as they are professional in handling refused cases effectively.A review is considered as an opportunity to explain your situation in more detail, set a straightforward record, or provide lost information or documents that deny your visa application.Review applications are critical at the time which means you are provided a few weeks to apply for a review. You will have to apply for the review within the given time period. otherwise, you will not be able to proceed with the review and lose your chance to get a visa. As a precaution for review, building a good and helpful application can give you a second chance to secure a visa in Australia.

How to apply for a review of the decision to reject your Australian visa?

You can apply for a review of your decision by mail, post or fax. Moreover, you can apply in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Registry. Some registries are former (such as subgroup) MRT Appeal (Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal Registries). They are situated in the main cities of Australia. When you are applying for a review, there is a fee that must be paid. If you are in immigration detention or financially distressed then fees can be reduced or even waived. Your application must be supported by providing the required documentation. All the required documents should be in English or translated into English by an approved person.

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