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Attention: 186 and 187 PR visa applicants – Latest Visa Updates 2019

Attention: 186 and 187 PR visa applicants – Latest Visa Updates 2019

The Australian permanent residency visas of the 186 visa and 187 visas are quite similar as they both require employer sponsorship. However, one should not get confused between the two as they have many differences. One should take the help of a Registered Migration Agent before making the choice. Migration Agents in Brisbane will help you in clarifying the differences.

Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186)

Direct Entry stream

This 186 visa lets the skilled workers nominated by an employer, work in Australia permanently. It has certain conditions though –
  • They must be nominated by an Australian employer
  • Their occupation must be included in the list of eligible skilled occupations.
  • They must have competent skills in English
  • The migrant can stay permanently after getting this visa.
  • The cost of this visa amounts to AUD 4,045
  • Processing Time usually takes 1 year -19 months.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 187)

Direct entry stream

  • This visa also lets skilled worker nominated by an employer, to live and work in Australia permanently.
  • You will have to meet the following criteria for this visa :
  • You must have the nomination by an Australian employer
  • You must be willing to work in regional Australia
  • Your occupation must be included in the list of eligible skilled occupations
  • You must have competent skills in the English language
  • The applicant can stay permanently on this visa. The cost amounts to AUD4,045
  • The processing time takes 20-25 months.

Occupation in the Regional area

Regional areas are the areas of Australia excluding the Gold Coast, Perth metro area, Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne or Wollongong. Regional areas include the whole Western Australia, the ACT, South Australia Tasmania, and the Northern Territory. However, there are no geographical restrictions as far as 186 visa is concerned.187 RSMS applicants have to remain in the regional area for at least two years starting from the date of the visa grant.

RCB approval

The RCB or Regional Certifying Body assesses the genuine need for the position. If you hire a Registered Migration Agent for the application, this step of the process will be handled by them.


187 RSMS Direct Entry stream are not required to meet the ‘training benchmark’. This difference is one of the major differences between the two subclasses. The employers who intend to sponsor the employees are required to meet the training benchmark.

Contract with the employer

187 visa holders must compulsorily work in the same position for two years while remaining with the same employer. If the employer does not have any work opportunity, 187 visa holder can work somewhere else but must remain in the same region.

Skill assessments

The 187 DE stream candidates in group 1 and 2 occupations and non-trade group 3 occupations do not have to complete a skill assessment. However, they require relevant formal qualifications or work experience. Candidates in the trade occupation belonging to the major group 3 must have either an Australian trade qualification or have a positive skill assessment certification.

Other differences which you may not know

These visas also differ in nomination charges, work experience requirements, and English language requirements. The 187 occupation list includes many occupations that are not available under the 186 visa subclass. Personal Assistants, Office Managers, Child Care Group Leaders, Secretaries, Hotel Service Managers, Law Clerks, and Health Practice Managers are listed under the 187 occupation list but under the 186 visa subclass.

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