Are you want to go to Australia and want Australia PR also in 2020?

Are you want to go to Australia and want Australia PR also in 2020?

The year 2020 is such a rollercoaster in many ways for the whole world. Some people lost their loved ones and some are planning to add a new member to the family. Some people postponed their marriages and some are starting their new life with their better half. But what are you waiting for? You should also make 2020 a memorable one. Now you must be wondering how. Wait and read the whole article to know how you can get a migration agent in Brisbane. 

Starting with the advantages of getting a PR visa in Australia are:

    • You can live in any part of the country wherever you want.
    • You can go with your family members as well.
    • Your children are having the advantage of getting free education to some specific age.
    • Not only you can apply for yourself but you can apply for your relatives as well.
    • Health and work benefits will be provided to you and your family.
    • You will not be restricted to in and out of the country for five years.
    • After a few years of PR status, you can apply for citizenship.
  • Skilled Migration programme.

70% of the places have gone to the skilled migration programme. The country is smart enough to select those people who will contribute to the economy. Skilled Migrants will come with higher qualifications as well as a higher potential for employment. You can apply under this because you are having a higher chance of getting a visa if you have higher qualifications. The Australian government has made a few changes to the age and English language which you have to be very careful about. Under this, there are three categories you can choose which is best for you and will be able to help you in getting PR for the country.

  • Skilled Independent Visa (subclass189):

You can submit your application under this. But make sure you have to give an expression of interest through a skill select which can be done in or outside Australia. You also have to get a skilled assessment report by a designated authority. If you will get an invitation to apply then you have to do it within 60 days.

    • Submit an Expression of Interest
    • Your age should be below 45.
    • You have to clear generally skilled migration requirements.
    • Your score should be at least 65 points.
    • You have to go through health and character requirements.
  • Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass190):

If you will qualify and get selected under this visa then you are having all the benefits given to a skilled independent visa (subclass189).

  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Subclass 491 Visa:

In this, a person and their families should work and get an education for 5 years in the same place. After 3 years they are eligible for applying for the visa.

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