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Applying for Australia Permanent Residency (PR) Visa in 2019? Read these guidelines to avoid Refusal!

Applying for Australia Permanent Residency (PR) Visa in 2019? Read these guidelines to avoid Refusal!

Best Permanent Residency migration agents & consultants in Brisbane: Australia is the ideal destination when it comes to having a PR status in a foreign country. A PR status allows you to work and settle down in a country on a permanent basis. The citizenship status is granted after 3 years while the PR may be granted after 5 years of residing and working. Migration Agents in Brisbane specify that the people with PR status can also invite their families to live with them. It might be the final destination after you successfully secure a student visa. Are you Eligible for an Australian PR visa: Point Test for Permanent Residency: The candidate must have a score of a minimum of 65 points under the Point’s Grid. Age Factor: Candidate’s age should be less than 45 years. English Language skills: The candidate must have competent level English language proficiency. Assessment of valid qualities: The candidate should possess good health and character. Skills: The candidate must undergo a skills assessment program. The Australian authorities use it to assess the skills and occupation of the candidate. Occupation: The candidate must be involved in an occupation that has been nominated in Australia’s Skilled Occupation List. The process of application for PR in Australia from India Step 1: Go through the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and select your occupation from it. Step 2: Apply for the Australia Points Calculator and find out if you qualify. One needs to score a minimum of 65 points to qualify. These points are calculated based on various factors like education, age, skilled occupation, proficiency in the English language, etc. Step 3: Make your Expression of Interest (EOI) through the Skill Select facility on official Australia’s Skill website. Fill up the required information carefully before submitting the application. Step 4: If your application meets all needs, you will be invited to apply for Australia PR. Step 5: You will have to submit the PR application within 60 days along with all the valid and required documents. Step 6: You will also have to submit police and medical clearance certificates to prove that you have a good character and are completely healthy. Step 7: If all goes well, you will get your visa grant. Australia PR visa application cost If you are a primary applicant, you will have to deposit Rs. 1, 95,000 for getting an Australian permanent resident visa. If you are dependent but your age is over 18 years, then you will have to shell out is Rs. 95,180. In case you are a dependent visa but you are older than 18 years, the amount for you will be Rs. 48,000.

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