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How to Apply for Australian Agriculture or Farming Visa?

How to Apply for Australian Agriculture or Farming Visa?

The agriculture sector is critical to Australia’s economic prosperity, and the COVID-19 pandemic has made it more difficult for farmers to find the workforce they need to fill labour shortages. Applying for a farmer visa in Australia can be applied for by skilled and semi-skilled migrants as well. The farmer visa application process entails applying for the visa via the temporary skills shortage (TSS) subclass 482. Since meeting those conditions, the visa also requires you to qualify for permanent residence.You may apply for a visa both within and outside Australia. If you are overseas, you can apply if you have been nominated by a sponsor, and you will have to apply online via your Immi account. If you are already in Australia and have a substantive or bridging visa, you can apply for these visa types (A, B, or C).This stream provides you with a four-year work visa that can lead to permanent residency. The visa entitles you to work in Australia for one of the 31 qualifying professions. You can also study in Australia (without government funding) and fly to and from Australia as many times as you want. There will be no visa sticker on your passport.There is a total of 31 occupations who can apply for the TSS subclass 482 visa, namely:
  1. Section Supervisor
  2. Production Horticulture Supervisor
  3. Production Horticulturist
  4. Machinery Manager
  5. Machinery Supervisor
  6. Cold Storage Manager
  7. Quality Assurance Manager
  8. Biosecurity Officer
  9. Facility Plant Manager
  10. Facility Supervisor
  11. Maintenance Electrician
  12. Fitter and Welder
  13. Agriculture Technician Mechanic
  14. Senior Nurseryperson
  15. Nurseryperson
  16. Nursery Supervisor
  17. Truck Driver
  18. Mobile Plant Operator
  19. Forklift Driver
  20. Irrigationist
  21. Irrigationist Assistant
  22. Horticulture Section Manager
  23. Irrigation Designer / Manager
  24. Agronomist
  25. Entomologist
  26. Horticulture Grower
  27. Protected Cropping Grower
  28. Horticulture Research
  29. Development Officer
  30. Mechanical Engineer
  31. Horticulture Farm Manager
For you, as a claimant, and all your dependents above the age of 18, the fee would cost AUD2,645. The fee for dependents under the age of 18 is AUD660. Since application fees are charged electronically, fees for credit card payments will be in effect as well. You may be charged for biometrics, fitness certificates, police character certificates, English language certificates, and/or qualification tests. It all depends on your personal application circumstances as well as the documentation you submitted with your online application. However, according to Australian citizenship and immigration guidelines, the paperwork must be processed within 4 to 8 weeks.To be eligible for this visa, you must meet the following requirements:
  1. Have at least two years of appropriate job experience in your chosen profession or a similar area
  2. Work with your sponsor (who has nominated you)
  3. If you are exempt, you must follow minimum English language proficiency requirements. It is a 5-band ranking in total (functional English)
  4. Be nominated to work in a prescribed occupation (currently 31 occupations) under the terms of a Labour Agreement.
  5. Have the necessary qualifications examination if needed for your occupation and meet the minimum health standards.
  6. Get a criminal clearance because a police character certificate would be required at the time of application.

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